Inner Starseed Music Activation


Starseed activation occurs via DNA modification using the RNA protein synthesis transformation technique in conjunction with Brainwave Harmonic Frequency.


What is a Starseed – Star Seed? What is the Starseed Music Activation?

starseed-activation-en The Starseed consists of extraterrestrial peoples who have invaded the Earth matrix. In the process, they received a new identity and a different body. In addition, these aliens have fallen prey to amnesia, forgetting their mission and origin.

Unlock your starseed potential with our starseed activation! Our frequency and binaural beats will help you remember who you are, why you are here, and how to use your abilities for the greater good. With this Starseed Activation you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your mission and the universe. Activating your inner Starseed is an essential step in finding your true purpose and alignment with the higher realms.

Are you ready to awaken the starseed within you? Unlock your hidden cosmic potential with Starseed Activation! Our frequency and binaural beats will help you restore your memory, identity and mission. Our powerful frequencies will open a new world of possibilities and help you ascend to new levels of consciousness. Take your first steps today to unlock the starseed within you!

With our special frequencies and binaural beats, you can easily awaken your starseed memories and reconnect with your divine mission. Activate your inner Starseed today and experience a journey of self-discovery like never before!

Starseed are spiritually advanced beings….

originating from distant stars and galaxies whose mission is to assist Earth for the transition into the Golden Age. They are highly evolved souls with an unfathomable amount of wisdom, but still hibernating at their core. And although they come from far away, from another galaxy and tens of light years away, they have found a new home here on Earth. But deep inside they long to return to their true home, but this remains denied them as long as they can not remember.

Starseed What is it? Starseed are Starchilds or Starchildren.

Starseeds experienced total amnesia regarding their true identity upon entering the Earth Matrix, however each is encoded with an activation switch within their DNA. Each “awakening” of such a Starseed is unique and can range from measured and calm to abrupt and intense. When activated, the Starseed does not need to know what or who it is, because it inherently knows. He remembers his mission and purpose for being on Earth and where he came from during DNA activation, without the need for explanation.

Although there are many different beliefs regarding the origin of the Starseed, their purpose is clear: they are on earth to help humanity for the awakening. They are not here to teach or study people, but to lead earthly society into a new age. While scientists will always question the belief in Starseed, they can never disprove their existence.

Starseed is, of course, a rather corny term for some, but it is the most familiar and tells an interested person more what it is all about. One can also call Starseeds differently, like benevolent aliens with Samaritan syndrome (WAMS) or simply aliens who use access to the 3D matrix via very advanced technology or – like most of them – entered the 3D matrix directly from the original source.

The Galactic Federation refuses to do so

The problem is that the so-called Galactic Federation has forbidden turning off the artificially generated 3D Matrix and freeing the humans, even though many Starseeds would actually be in favor of shutting it down so that humanity can be freed. This creates conflict among the many races living on planets outside the 3D matrix, i.e., on 5D.

This conflict of interests can therefore only be resolved for the benevolent aliens by agreeing to infiltrate the 3D matrix and disintegrate it from within. For this reason, they either incarnate directly from the original source or use their highly advanced technology to enter the 3D matrix (see cryocapsules). However, after entering the 3D matrix, they face a major problem, as do all other entering souls: Amnesia. They have forgotten who they were before and also do not remember their original mission. Thus, it is necessary for them to regain those memories.

The Starseed Activation

The Starseed Activation is done by DNA modification using the RNA protein synthesis transformation technique in conjunction with the Brainwave Harmonic frequency, so that the Starchild 12-strand DNA activation is achieved for the final state. This simply assumes a binary system where 1 = activation.

Recommended settings for optimal effect of DNA activation:

  • Volume: standard MP3 listening volume with stereo headphones.
  • Ambience: 22-25 degrees Celcius
  • Ambient silence: 90-100
  • Physical: relaxed + half awake (alpha state, clean body).
  • Mental: calm (alpha state, calm thoughts as much as possible)
  • Emotional: free (feel carefree, feel inner love)
  • Spiritual: balanced (one should already have an integral spiritual understanding)

Duration: 20 minutes
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

Please use headphones. For MP3 players please make sure that only simple stereo is turned on and no features like surround stereo or mixed or joint stereo.

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