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About us

Leaving the Matrix – “The Matrixxer”

Spirituality, Leaving the Matrix, Borderline Science and Parapsychological Subjects are our Message to the World

For this purpose we use medial abilities like hypnagogic states, the Spiritual Dissociation, dreaming, astral travels and do not rely on external and conventional sources of information.

We, the “Matrixxer”, is a project of Nicki (formerly Shiva) and Jonathan Dilas (the Matrixblogger), known from Youtube with our many spiritual videos. In it it is often about extrasensory perceptions and glimpses into the world behind the scenes of the matrix.

It’s about perceptions via hypnagogic states, out-of-body journeys, lucid dreaming, tricks on how to reactivate your pineal gland and about perceptions within an expanded consciousness.

Who are the Matrixxers? Leave the Matrix with us!

Nicki & Jonathan

Matrixxer shiva & jonathanWe are present on the video portal YouTube with many spiritual videos. We often deal with extrasensory perceptions in these videos and direct insights behind the scenes of the matrix, a computer-simulated reality that is usually called everyday life.

It also revolves around perceptions via hypnagogic states, out-of-body travel (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and tricks for reactivating your pineal gland (3rd eye) to expand your consciousness.

“The world already takes itself seriously enough, and we, the Matrixxers, therefore try to occasionally bring serious topics across in a humorous way. We have fun with life and occasionally express this in our videos. Spiritual themes are our message to the world for this reason, coupled with fun and seriousness.”

What we offer

  • Spiritual Seminars
  • Online Coaching
  • Meditation music for consciousness expansion
  • Matrixblog with insights on consciousness expansion as well as topics on parapsychology, uncensored borderline sciences, leaving the matrix, UFOs & aliens etc.

Our abilities and what we teach in theory and practice:

  • Astral Travel
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Hypnagogic states
  • Spiritual dissociation
  • How to leave the matrix
  • Pineal gland flashes into the future

Where do the Matrixxers get their knowledge?

We, the Matrixxer, are Nicki and Jonathan. We gained our knowledge NOT by reading books and theories of scientists, but by our inner knowledge, which we could get through hypnagogic states, out-of-body experiences and the art of Spiritual Dissociation. We trust exclusively these inner sources of knowledge.

Now and then we get the reproach… Our knowledge shared by us with our own experiences, which we already remembered years ago, was also confirmed by some others, who have a good connection to the free matrix. E.g. by David Icke with his Moon Matrix and 3D Matrix, also intuitively reflected in movies like “The Matrix”, “Passenger”, Star Trek, etc.

Matrixxer KryokapselWe can remember that we entered the matrix via cryo capsules (like hibernation pods) and tuned into the matrix with this kind of starseed technology. We will stay in the matrix until the year 2038 and then leave again.

We also know some people who also have personal memories of entering the matrix as Starseeds via technology, e.g. from the Original Source or via cryo capsules like us. With 3-5 million incarnated Starseeds it does not remain out of the question that also sometimes one or the other remembers and the knowledge about it covers.

For the reason we confirm this knowledge by our own experiences and have “seen” it just also in such a way. We do not copy knowledge, we believe only what we have discovered by ourselves in inner knowledge and not what you can see and read out there on the Internet.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PlKqW94d0I[/embedyt]

One is just attacked if one publishes this partly still secret knowledge. David Icke, for example, was just banned from the EU for his knowledge. Others who remember and write about it are also defamed or portrayed negatively.

Listen to your intuition and to your body, not to what someone writes or claims somewhere. Learn the Spiritual Dissociation and then you will find exactly this knowledge, what we report about.

Leaving the Matrix is your challenge within your present incarnation.

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