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Matrixxer English

The Matrixxer English


Welcome to the Matrixxer, Nicki and Jonathan. For many years we have been active in the spiritual scene and are specialized in consciousness development. For us, having our own experiences and cultivating a personal spiritual practice is invaluable in developing a deeper understanding and connection to the universe and to our higher self.


What sets our content presented on our YouTube channel and on our website and online courses apart from other content is that we report exclusively from first-hand experience. We have experienced and witnessed everything ourselves and share our personal experiences. From lucid dreaming and astral travel to insights from hypnagogic states and heightened states of consciousness, we cover a wide spectrum and share everything we have realized and experienced about the practice of spiritual dissociation. We firmly believe that it is important for each person to develop and cultivate their own spiritual practice.


Because we believe this is a lifelong journey that helps us unlock our full potential and strengthen our connection to the higher self and higher knowledge. Our goal is to share our experiences and knowledge to help others begin and deepen their own spiritual journey. Our videos and content are meant to inspire and encourage you to begin your own spiritual journey and experience. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

The Legacy of the Matrixxers (Matrixxer English)

We, Nicki and Jonathan, received more and more information about hypnagogic states, dreaming and the Spiritual Dissociation many years ago. We were shown exactly how to leave the Matrix. But we were also shown something else: We are on a spaceship, outside the 3D matrix, in so-called cryo capsules (hibernation pods).

We have left our home planet, which we have learned to love and cherish above all else, in order to help, along with many others, to free the creator souls that have been captured here on Earth. We have already completed over 60 lifetimes in our reincarnation cycle to do this. Fortunately, we are not alone, but several million Starseeds have also come to Earth to successively break open the matrix so that everyone can go free who wants to be free.

What is a Cryo Capsule?

Die MatrixxerThis is a capsule (hibernation pod) into which you put yourself and with which you can hack into the matrix, i.e. into your familiar everyday life, the 3D matrix. The cryo capsule is a high-tech advancement like VR goggles, one could put it platitudinously, but perhaps makes it a bit more understandable. We kept our entry about the cryo capsules secret for years because we didn’t want the wrong people to find out, so we had kept quiet. But this year we found out that they have known for a long time. For this reason, we decided to share this knowledge publicly. (No, the photo is not real, it is just for demonstration).

In the spiritual scene, for this reason, we are most likely referred to as “Starseeds”, i.e. interplanetary species with high-tech technology for hacking the Matrix. Benevolent aliens who leave their own body via the cryo capsule and take on a human body in order to be able to move optimally in the 3D matrix.

Electric Fence of the Earth


Our Earth is enclosed with a kind of invisible electric fence, which the astral body even cannot cross after physical death.

The astral body is a higher frequency version of one’s physical body into which one transfers after one’s physical demise.


Ways out of the Matrix

matrix3The Matrixxer have found ways and means to penetrate this electric earth grid or to break the reincarnation cycle and to enter freedom.

Freedom is the highest good of a human being. If you restrict a person’s freedom, he becomes more and more ready to rebel. History has shown this time and time again.

Authenticity & Sovereignty

We want to be holistic, independent and free! This is our greatest wish! And this is what we wish for all people who entered the matrix as creator souls tens of thousands of years ago and have forgotten who they are, where they come from and what their mission has been.

The Reincarnation Cycle

Every human being is caught in the cycle of rebirth, called: The Reincarnation Cycle.
Getting out of the matrix means learning to break this endless cycle, crossing the electric fence and leaving the matrix, i.e. the 3D world we know.

Get out of the Matrix

The Matrix is a simulation. To imagine this better, imagine the current VR glasses. You put them on and you are in a virtual world. Now imagine this technology thousands of years later. What is possible then?

And we say that this technology already exists in the universe. It was created a long time ago and man is in such a simulation with amnesia. Even more, the whole universe is a simulation. The term simulation theory came out of this. Elon Musk also believes in this simulation theory and it becomes more and more popular. Scientists have also discovered that the simulation theory is the only one that would explain the processes in the universe. But who once created this 3D simulation? By whom was it started and how is it that man got into one and with what purpose? This is the big question that the Matrixxers try to clarify with their mediumistic abilities.

The Matrix and how to escape it

The matrix is not only the hamster wheel, where you get up every day in the morning, have breakfast, work and then fall into bed exhausted in the evening. It’s working for the very people who are plundering the people with taxes, bills, fines, price increases, recurring economic crises and pandemics, who ultimately have only population reduction planned. It is not about the money for them when they demand taxes, because they are able to print as much money as they like. So why taxes? It’s about keeping people poor so they can’t achieve the power and influence they have with their billions of dollars of money. The matrix for us is also our complete allday reality.

Go with the Matrixxer english into Freedom and Sovereignty

We are living in very troubled times. The “Dark Ancient Ones” are trying to divide humanity more and more. This is also a reason to reunite like-minded people. Therefore we have opened the Matrixxer portal, a platform to share our online seminars with the public. All members can participate in the seminars. Matrixxer stands for “Tricking the Matrix” and “getting out of the matrix”, i.e. for independence and spiritual freedom! The Matrixxer teaching is composed of several main elements, which are provided in online seminars and focuses on the seeker, the “Matrixxer”, i.e. the one who wants to free himself from the matrix. Freedom means independence and sovereignty and living in the true potential and true self.

Ways to leave the Reincarnation Cycle

The first way out of the matrix is to take one of the black portals after death. The second way is to end the reincarnation cycle. The third way is through dissociation into the matrix shell. Starseeds wake up automatically in their crypt after finishing their program. Personal ascension is the last and also the most difficult way.

Leaving the Matrix and leaving the Planet Earth with Matrixxer English

But that’s not really what it’s about, it’s about leaving the matrix, i.e. the planet Earth. However, the Earth is a prison, because there is an etheric electric fence around the whole planet, which nothing can overcome, neither physically, etherically nor astrally. Meanwhile we know 4+1 ways how to leave the matrix successfully.

What we teach (Matrixxer English)

We teach different ways to successfully leave the matrix. We are ready to share our knowledge before we finally leave the earthly world in the year 2038. We teach the interested and daring in the skills: Astral Travel, Hypnagogic States and in the art of Spiritual Dissociation. We combine these skills to be able to finally leave the matrix. If you want to learn them, you are welcome in our portal. Become a Matrixxer too!

Hypnagogic States
is the ability to enter a kind of trance state, in which one receives a direct connection to one’s inner knowledge in the form of images and words. This is commonly called the deep alpha state.

Astral Travel
The art of detaching from the physical body, with a subtle body, and then traveling invisibly through the world. No one can see you, you can walk through walls and doors, you can fly and teleport.

Spiritual Dissociation
The secret superhero ability, our master technique, that lies dormant in every human being. It is both a curse and a blessing, but we show how to use and learn to control spiritual or constructive dissociation.

Activate your Pineal Gland
The secret art of reactivating one’s calcified pineal gland using special nutrition, supplements, meditation techniques and other tricks. Activating the pineal gland causes clairvoyance, flashes, déjà vu’s, better dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel and much more.

Together (Matrixxer english) we go on the journey to accompany you on your spiritual path.

Spiritual, frontier science and parapsychology are our legacy to the world. To do this, we use mediumistic abilities such as hypnagogic states, spiritual dissociation and astral travel. We do not rely on conventional sources of information brought to us from the outside.
With us, you can expect incredible “aha” experiences, mind-expanding insights, as well as with many wonderful members with whom you can exchange ideas.

We are Nicki and Jonathan, the Matrixxers. We are your companions to lift you to the next level and unfold your true inner potential.

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