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Soul trap the Matrix – 1 Free seminar for beginners

Matrixxer Online Course Soul Trap for free: “The Matrix – The Light Trap”. We, the Matrixxers, have exclusively created a free beginner course for newcomers: “The Matrix and the LightWeiterlesen…

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Matrixxer Online Course Soul Trap for free:

“The Matrix – The Light Trap”.

We, the Matrixxers, have exclusively created a free beginner course for newcomers: “The Matrix and the Light Trap”

Free seminar as a beginner course with 8.5 hours contains our most important information about our knowledge gained with the help of hypnagogic states, activation of the pineal gland, astral travel and lucid dreams, as well as with the master technique “The Spiritual Dissociation” and are ready to provide this free seminar and knowledge to all interested people.

Once you have registered in our Matrixxer portal and accepted the newsletter, you will have access to this free seminar. So we welcome you and would be happy if the other online seminars also appeal to you and you participate.

What topics does the free online course cover?

The Matrix as a soul trap

  1. Do we live in a simulation?
  2. Is the Earth a prison planet and a soul trap?
  3. How did the Matrix come into being?
  4. What are the exits from the matrix?

The 3D matrix is a simulation, a high-tech simulation of a reality with a lower frequency than it is actually intended for us souls. In the 3D Matrix, you are given a body and a false identity, as well as amnesia so that you do not remember your true identity and origin. All clues that could reactivate memories of the true origin are systematically removed in the 3D matrix. This includes buildings, bodies, streets, technology and much more.

Nothing should remind the participant of the 3D-Matrix of his true home. So this free seminar is about being shown a way to be able to leave the matrix, because the eternal cycle of rebirth remains as long as one does not remember his true self.



  1. Why do we reincarnate?
  2. How often do we reincarnate?
  3. Do we have to reincarnate on Earth?
  4. How do we reach the last reincarnation?

We are reborn over and over again and this in an endless loop. This loop can only be broken as soon as we remember our true self. But the many incarnations that one has already lived on earth lie with their experiences like a buffer on the memories of the true self and are covered over.

The reason for participating in such a reincarnation cycle is quite different. Most souls come again and again because they have established interesting or loving contacts with family and partners in the 3D matrix. Others come to help people in the matrix to escape from it. Because everything that exists in the 3D matrix also exists outside of it.


  1. Who or what are the Starseeds?
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. What is their mission?
  4. Are you also a Starseed?

Starseeds is a rather cheesy term, but it is the best known in the spiritual scene. Actually, Starseeds are benevolent aliens who want to help people in the matrix to break it open from the inside and lead them to freedom. Therefore, they incarnate from a higher plane into the 3D matrix to accelerate the consciousness of mankind. In this process, only those starseeds exist who hack into the matrix with the help of high-technological devices and take over a body in order to work through it. This technological process takes place via so-called cryocapsules.

Extras / NPCs

  1. Are there people without souls?
  2. How do you recognize people without a soul?
  3. Do I have a soul?

The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) of the Matrix has installed about 90% soulless entertainment programs to entertain a soul in the 3D Matrix. So these are specially installed extras, i.e. holograms that look exactly like humans with character and gapless camouflage so that they do not stand out among the souls. Extras are also known from computer games as NPC (non-player characters). They are created in a game by the programmer so that the player is optimally entertained.

Spiritual Awakening

  1. What does spiritual awakening mean anyway?
  2. What are the stages of spiritual awakening?
  3. How does awakening make itself felt?
  4. How can I awaken spiritually?

Spiritual awakening is a becoming process within the 3D matrix. there exist 7 stages of awakening, which are enumerated and described in this free course.

Spiritual Dissociation

  1. Is dissociation really a disease?
  2. What are the triggers of dissociation?
  3. How do I deal with dissociation?
  4. What can I achieve with spiritual dissociation?

What technique can help a soul to recognize the matrix and get out of it? This is the big question! Therefore, the Matrixxers present their best master technique: Spiritual Dissociation. With it you can learn to see with your own eyes all the things that the Matrixxers have already seen and experienced. In this way, you can see how the world really is.

Contents of the online course “The Matrix Soul Trap”

  1. Who are the Matrixxers
  2. Where does our knowledge come from
  3. The light or soul trap
  4. The Map of the Matrix
  5. 3 Ways Out of the Matrix
  6. The Matrix Advertising
  7. 7 steps of awakening
  8. Extras, hosts and sharers
  9. Loosh – The energy of the gods
  10. The Hypnosis Machine of the Matrix
  11. Cryocapsules

Master Techniques

  1. What is Spiritual Dissociation
  2. Introduction to Dissociation
  3. The 8 steps of dissociation
  • Duration: 8,5 hours
  • Orientation: Beginner

DNA Activation and Healing

Hidden Secrets: Entry into the Matrix and Natural Hypnosis

Die Matrix

Who are the Matrixxer
Inner Knowledge Unleashed
The Lighttrap
The Map of the Matrix
The Map of the Matrix Part 2
3 Ways out of the Matrix - Part 1
3 Ways out of the Matrix - Part 2
7 Stages of awakening
Extras, Hosts & Sharers
Cryocapsules - you are still asleep
The hypnosis machine of the matrix
The Matrix Advertising
Loosch - The energy of the gods


What is the spiritual dissociation
Dissociation Experiences and Knowledge
The 8 steps of dissociation

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8,5 hours
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Soul trap the Matrix – 1 Free seminar for beginners

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