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For Beginners

Matrixxer – Spirituality for Beginners

Sometimes you don’t know where to start with your spiritual path. For this reason we have created this page to give you some orientation.

As a “newcomer” to these topics, you are tempted to consult every source of information you can find and try out everything that sounds exciting. Listen carefully to your intuition, which source is trustworthy and offers truthful information and which is not. And also pay attention to what is right for you on your path and what is not. You should not start with Reiki because all “beginners” do. If it is not part of your path, skip anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

If you are new to the Matrixxer – or at all in the field of spirituality and looking for spirituality for beginners, you are in the right place. We will show you the best way to orient yourself on your path.

For this we recommend you the following steps.

1. Accumulation of Knowledge

We are mainly known through Youtube Matrixxer and through Jonathan’s blog “The Matrixblogger“. On Youtube we have published about 200 videos, but understandably you are wondering what are the core videos that will give you the best start. These are the following:

Who are the Matrixxer?

From where got the Matrixxers their knowledge?

The Soul Trap – Invitation to the Matrix

Ways to leave the Matrix

2. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel

Then you continue at this point in the sense of spirituality for beginners:

Astral travel is out-of-body experiences where you leave your body at night in a higher vibrational body with which anything is possible, such as flying, teleporting and walking through walls. But one can also visit other realities or travel in time. The use of this “astral body” enables a seeker to personally accumulate knowledge and thus personally see for themselves what world we really live in.

Lucid dreaming is a highly underestimated ability of the present, for this is where one becomes aware during a dream that one is dreaming. Once this “lucid state” has been reached, one can either create one’s dream as one wishes or use it to access one’s inner knowledge. Here are also possible contacts with personalities in the dream, which have a much higher knowledge than yourself.

Video – 5 Arts of Dreaming

Video – Learn Astral Travel – Techniques

Jonathans Book:
Lucid Dreaming, Astral Journey and Pineal Gland

3. The (Re-) Activation of Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is an organ in the middle of the brain and originally existed to produce so-called DMT molecules and release them into the blood. These molecules cause regularly, and all by themselves, to experience such experiences as lucid dreaming or astral travel. But, unfortunately, diet and other tools of industry have caused the pineal gland to become dampened, i.e. calcified. For this reason, we present techniques on how to free your pineal gland from this calcification and resume its normal work.

Jonathans Book:
Lucid Dreaming, Astral Journey and Pineal Gland

4. Our Meditation Music

We also recommend to Spirituality for Beginners to use our meditation music to boost the practical development. We have created extra music for this purpose, which transports the brain into the necessary frequency to be able to reach one’s goal, whichever one may have, more easily:

Englischer Shop: https://matrixxer.com/produkt-kategorie/shop-english

5. Use our Online Seminar

Visit our free online seminar that we have created personally:

Our Starter Seminar: https://matrixxer.com/courses/matrix-soul-trap-free-seminar

6. The Spiritual Dissociation

For advanced students: The Spiritual Dissociation is our master technique, which we offer to those who are interested. With this technique one can learn to perceive our everyday life as it really is, i.e. one recognizes the world as it is actually constructed beyond the illusions that have been fed into our minds and thus our perceptions. Everyone who perceives the Spiritual Dissociation sees the same!

Videos – The Super Power Dissociation

Jonathans Book:
Spiritual Dissociation Vol 1

Questions and answers:

How do people find your Social Media Portals?

We are represented on many portals on the Internet. These include:

English Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Matrixxer-Global
Instagram english: https://instagram.com/matrixxer.cosmos.nation
Facebook: https://facebook.com/matrixxer.official
Tiktok: https://tiktok.com/matrixxer.official

Why are you doing all this?

Many thousands have entered this world to help humanity free itself from the 3D matrix. We are two of them. Both for beginner and advanced spirituality. Our goal is to free humanity from the tight grip of illusion, deception and slavery. For this purpose, it is important to pass on the necessary information that we possess and also to teach in it, if one wishes.

Where do you get your knowledge from?

We do not rely on the media for obtaining spiritual and world political knowledge, nor on any other information that comes to us from outside. We rely only on the information we receive from within ourselves, for example, through Spiritual Dissociation, from our dreams and astral travel. Everyone can also learn this for themselves and we will show how it works.

If you know so much about the Matrix, why are you still here?

We have a mission and it will last until the year 2038, at the latest at the beginning of 2039. After that we will leave the 3D matrix again. We don’t know yet if we will just drop dead or if we will be involved in an accident or if we will disappear without a trace.

Is it allowed to donate something to you?

Of course, we are always happy that someone wants to support our work:

Paypal: Click here

Cryptos: Donate in Bitcoin: 1AneNsMtk155n8REWjLXLzv4hyZeusuGd8

What is Rebel Base 43?

Rebel Base 43 Matrixxer

Rebel Base 43 (Rebel Base No. 43) is a creative version and creative expression of our knowledge in very short videos that we publish on video portals. Here we compress our knowledge on certain topics in videos of length between 1-2 minutes.

Such portals are Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and also Youtube. We also invite everyone who has such a portal to build a rebel base for themselves and dial a two-digit number for it. In this way you can work together. 🙂


Why don’t you offer all this for free?

An occasional question at Spirituality for Beginners. There are several reasons for this: Just to run this website, we have already invested 1,200 euros this year alone. Then there are all the video lessons we create, one (!) of which takes about 2-3 days of work. We have put together 7 online courses to date, one with 8.5 hours is free. These alone consist of a total of about 100 videos, one of which lasts 20 minutes and another 90 minutes. The two largest videos alone last 10 hours.

The time investment includes filming, editing the films, structuring and building a course, renting additional server space because video files are always very large, and the daily work of many hours invested in our websites. And before all this can be set in motion, we use our inner abilities, such as astral travel, dreaming, using our pineal gland, as well as hypnagogic states and spiritual dissociation, to access all the knowledge and information we present. This is just our job as “Starseed” and also our passion.

At least we also offer a lot of things for free. This includes over 200 videos on Youtube, Jonathan’s blog posts, which now also include over 1,600 articles, masses of PDFs free for download (see Scribd and Jonathan’s blog), tens of graphics we create and have created, photos we create, Skype conversations, consultations (free for students), hundreds of e-mails that we answer daily often free of charge (sometimes 10, sometimes 30 a day!) come in. We also offer free support when something doesn’t work on our website and often offer deep discounts on holidays as well.

So, as long as the new time is not yet dawned and everything is free, we offer additional to all the free information, which one may take up with us completely voluntarily. So we are no GEZ or tax office, which come along with a summons, if one does not submit his payments. Speaking of the tax office… of course they want a big chunk of our income for their global ventures.

Further on we get very different reactions. Some write to us and ask why our online seminars are so cheap, and others ask why they are so expensive. Based on these reactions, we realize that we are probably right in terms of price and that it is always a perspective of the respective observer what is inexpensive and what is expensive.

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