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Jonathans Spiritual Books

Jonathans Spiritual Books Publications

Jonathan Dilas has published twelve books and meanwhile two books in english language so far as e-books and as paperback. His most popular books so far are the following:

Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel and the Pineal Gland

(Nonfiction by Jonathan Dilas)

Jonathan’s latest book is now officially available in stores as an e-book and a paperback! A full 380 pages, with theory, technique and practice on all three of the above topics.

With this work, Jonathan Dilas presents a practical book for learning how to consciously trigger lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, as well as how to systematically decalcify the pineal gland in order to reactivate one’s intuitive and clairvoyant powers, quickly see through the manipulations of our time, and achieve new health.

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming aware of one’s dream while dreaming it. Immediately, an incredible clarity sets in and the dream is experienced qualitatively and perceptually like an event in everyday life, only with the difference that suddenly everything is feasible! Flying through the air, training for exams, achieving top athletic performances, a candlelight dinner with Megan Fox or Johnny Depp are just a few examples that are available in such moments. So the possibilities are endless.

Out-of-body experiences are the pinnacle of dreaming, because here you learn to separate your spirit body from your physical body and can cross over into the afterlife for a short time and come back unharmed afterwards. The astral body is that body into which every human being has to change at the latest as soon as he dies. But it is possible to use this body already before and to use it temporarily.

The pineal gland has been calcified by the ingestion of fluoride. Most people have ingested fluoride through water, toothpaste and salts. A calcium capsule now surrounds the pineal gland and blocks the ability of clairvoyance, quick recognition of manipulations, intuition and additionally makes the body fall ill faster. Hours of daily meditation or decalcification of the pineal gland, with a few simple steps, causes reactivation of the same and this book explains exactly how this is achieved.

Spiritual Dissociation - Jonathan Dilas“Spiritual Dissociation – The Master Technique for Self-Knowledge, Enlightenment and Astral Travel” (Volume 1)

The superpower that lies dormant within us: constructive or spiritual dissociation.

(Non-fiction book by Jonathan Dilas).

Superheroes have arrived at their superpower in the strangest of ways. Often they were shocked, irritated at the beginning and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. A superpower is not that easy to control because it doesn’t come with a manual…. But this is the manual!

The technique of constructive dissociation not only causes astral travel in 3 minutes, but opens portals into alternate realities, causes spontaneous healings, increases dream recall, opens the chakras, removes foreign installations and manipulations of all kinds, and opens the pineal gland. No technique is as powerful as constructive dissociation.

You can order on Amazon – if the paperback is desired. You can order the e-book also at Amazon or get it from the author under his e-mail jona [at] dilas-arts.de

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