9 Levels Of Higher Awareness


Nine different sound frequencies with a focus on nine different states of consciousness can be found in this incredibly effective MP3.


Higher Awareness and Expansion of consciousness, increased states of consciousness, out of body experiences, soul travel and interdimensional travel with binaural beats

astral2Nine different sound frequencies with a focus on nine different states of consciousness can be found in this incredibly effective MP3. Tones in their pure form without any addition of sounds or music in just 50 minutes! This sometimes results in spontaneous detachments from the body, limbs floating up in the astral body and very clear and clear dreams at night. One of the strongest MP3‘s in this series.

These nine states of consciousness are also known in Robert Monroe’s “Hemisync”. They range from focus 1 to 27! Brainkicker modeled these nine levels of consciousness to the best of their conscience and generated the suspected frequencies binaurally and used them on this MP3 Higher Awareness.

Ultimate Consciousness binaural-beats-expand-consciousness Detach yourself from your body at night, walk invisibly through the world, fly high up on the firmament of the stars and explore other planets, get to know extraterrestrial beings, visit higher astral planes, accelerate your own spiritual development, explore the hereafter, beings of light, deceased from the family or meet his spiritual teacher from the astral plane …

The out of body experience, which also includes one of these levels of consciousness, is definitely one of the most interesting and, above all, most exciting skills that can be achieved on your spiritual path. You learn to detach yourself from your body and switch to a more subtle body. Since this astral body is much more subtle than the usual physical body, you are not only invisible, but you can also penetrate walls and is as light as a feather, i.e. you can fly!

Furthermore, it is possible not only to reach these nine levels of consciousness, but also to visit other worlds, i.e. Worlds that are called astral planes and also have a higher frequency. In these worlds one also encounters levels that are immeasurably huge and populated by other astral beings. These worlds are still considered to be quite unexplored because out of body experience or traveling with the astral body is a skill that is not so easy to achieve. This requires a lot of determination, motivation and will.

These frequencies are optimal for this. Using these frequencies becomes even more effective if you also use a different sleep rhythm, i.e. For example, you go to bed at 10 p.m., get up at 2.30 a.m., stay awake for half an hour and then go back to bed and hear these frequencies. After a few tries you will definitely get the first results!

The states according to Robert A. Monroe for Higher Awareness
Focus 01 – normal waking state
Focus 03 – relaxation
Focus 10 – body sleeps, mind is awake
Focus 12 – higher awareness
Focus 15 – vibrations
Focus 21 – Out of Body
Focus 23 – intermediate world
Focus 25 – Middle Astral (Beyond)
Focus 27 – higher astral plane

This MP3 (Higher Awareness) with binaural beats is only recommended for advanced users, since a beginner could fall asleep after 10 minutes, because he may not be able to withstand such low frequencies and therefore will not benefit optimally from this MP3. Brainkicker therefore recommends trying another MP3 first!

Ideal for advanced users. For out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams and Higher Awareness.

This MP3 (Higher Awareness) contains the pure tones, binaural beats, plus wind noise. Please use headphones.

Duration: 50 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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