Strange Dreams – Sci-Fi Lucid Dreams


The exciting thing about this MP3 with binaural beats is that strange synth tones have been mixed with sounds and music to convey a strange impression and to lead the listener into distant worlds.


Stimulate dreaming, trigger lucid dreams and improve dream memories with binaural beats for lucid dreams for personal dream research and strange dreams

As a rule, you can prepare for being kidnapped positively in a distant dreamland, with a little science fiction feeling in the preliminary program. Strange sound patterns, electronically or not directly classified. These were overlaid with a frequency that strongly stimulates dreaming. With this MP3 with binaural beats you can improve your dream memory and inspire you to dream in general.

The Mysterious World of Dreams and Strange Dreams

strange-dreams-scifi-sounds-binaural-en Oh, the mysterious world of dreams! Isn’t it absolutely fascinating? Every night, we journey into this enigmatic realm where nothing is impossible. But what if I told you that you can take control of your dreams and even trigger lucid dreams? Yes, you heard that right! The power of binaural beats can stimulate dreaming and make this thrilling experience even more exhilarating!

Lucid dreams are a remarkable phenomenon where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming and can even control the outcome of their dream. Imagine being able to fly over breathtaking landscapes, have incredible adventures, or even face your deepest fears – all while being aware that you’re in a dream world! Well, guess what? Binaural beats can help make this awe-inspiring experience a reality!

Binaural beats are auditory illusions created when two slightly different frequencies are played in each ear, allowing our brains to perceive a single tone that is the difference between these two frequencies. This unique sound has been shown to affect our brainwaves, inducing relaxation, sleep, and even meditation. But that’s not all; it can also stimulate dreaming and enhance our ability to have lucid dreams!

Trigger for Lucid Dreams and Strange Dreams?

Now, let’s talk about strange dreams. You know the ones – bizarre scenarios that seem to come out of nowhere with no apparent connection to your everyday life. But did you know that these peculiar dreams can act as triggers for lucid dreams? That’s right! When you’re faced with an utterly bizarre situation in your dream world, it can sometimes cause you to question the reality of your dream, leading to the realization that you are, in fact, dreaming.

So how exactly do binaural beats stimulate dreaming and help create this extraordinary blend of strange dreams and lucid dreams? Well, binaural beats have been shown to influence the brain’s electrical activity, specifically by entraining our brainwaves to enter certain states. For instance, the theta brainwave state, which typically occurs during deep relaxation and REM sleep, is known to be associated with vivid and bizarre dreams. By using binaural beats to induce this theta state, you’re more likely to have strange dreams that could potentially trigger lucidity!

What’s even more exciting is that as you become more skilled in lucid dreaming, you can use binaural beats to enhance your experience further. Some binaural beat frequencies have been found to help maintain lucidity and even improve dream recall, allowing you to remember and relive those incredible dream adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the entrancing world of binaural beats and experience the magic of lucid dreams! As you listen to these mesmerizing tones, let them whisk you away into a realm of strange dreams that can trigger your very own lucid dream adventures. The possibilities are truly endless when you explore your dreams with the power of binaural beats!

Listen to music as Oneironaut Alien Sound and UFO to become your own dream researcher

The exciting thing about this MP3 (Strange Dreams) with binaural beats is that strange synth tones have been mixed with sounds and music to give a strange impression and to lead the listener into distant worlds. The built-in sounds are designed to automatically awaken associations in the subconscious and allow them to seep to the surface of the consciousness.

This MP3 (Strange Dreams) contains many sound and music effects. Promotes creative and crazy dreams.

Ideal for dream researchers, Cybernauts and sci-fi fans.

(This MP3 (Strange Dreams) contains sounds, music, suggestions, subliminals, binaural beats and sound files. Please use headphones.)

Duration: 30 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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