Anti-Aging – Stay forever young


Anti-Aging – Rejuvenate and stay young and stop the ageing process with Binaural Beats.


Anti-Aging – Rejuvenate and stay young and stop the ageing process with Binaural Beats.

The flower of life was considered to be a very rare flower that had the property to rejuvenate and make almost immortal.

Researchers are still trying to find the flower of life, but have been unsuccessful so far. There is much puzzling and many ancient texts are compared, but no real trace can be discovered. These frequencies help you to send your cells the message: “Stay young!” and promote cell division.

Age slower and reverse the ageing process (Anti-Aging)

The fountain of youth has already been suspected in many of nature’s products. Hot red peppers, original red cayenne pepper or even a lot of herbal ointments for the face and skin. But none of these products has been a real success. Why not try toning to reverse the ageing process?

Some people have also tried colloidal gold, but often only low concentrations are offered or many of the suppliers mix something together and increase the heavy metal load of the body at best. Here, too, one has to be very careful and one does not know which product is what was promised.

Flower of Immortality for Anti-Aging

anti-aging-flower-of-immortality The flower of immortality is not to be confused with the flower of life. The flower of immortality was already sought at the time of the Spanish Conquista, when the Spaniards invaded South America and claimed the land for themselves.

Many hunted for the flower of immortality, especially people with noble blood, because they never wanted to leave Earth and never taste death. So they searched for this flower, but to no avail. But instead of going on daring expeditions with a dangerous outcome, another option would be to use this experimental frequency to slow down cell decay and keep people young longer.

Another option would be stem cell therapy, but this is very expensive and hardly anyone can afford it nowadays. The cheapest option here is to use the power of sounds and frequencies to age more slowly. You adapt the frequencies of a man who is very young for his age. This man may be over 80 years old and is still fit and looks like 50 years old.

This is by the way an interesting topic, because how can it be that many people are 80 years old and look like 80 years while others look much younger. Some maybe have lifted their face or took other surgeries, but for us the easiest way is to use our frequencies daily. You can send then the message to your cells: Stay young and rejuvenate!

This MP3 (Anti-Aging) has only the pure frequencies, binaural beats, under which a noise has been placed, without music, without additional sounds. Please use headphones.

This MP3 (Anti-Aging) can be used by beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Duration: 30 min.

Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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