Energy & Meditation – with Audio 8D


Energy & Motivation is a specially designed musical compilation with 8D audio sound effect.


Energy and Motivation is a specially designed musical compilation with 8D audio sound effect.

energy-and-motivation-8d-audio-music …speak intrinsic motivation to get a new energy boost and self-motivation for the day with Binaural Beats.

Nowadays it is not easy to cope with your day and to muster enough energies for it. You feel drained, unmotivated and therefore quite uncreative. On such days, you just want to get everything behind you so that you can switch off in the evening, reasonably relaxed and relieved. These are signs that you do not have enough energy and this lack is also related to the lack of drive, lack of motivation and fatigue.

More energy and more power and as a learning motivation to work motivated.

For this reason, this 8D audio music combined with binaural beats was created to give you new energy, a new drive, more power and creativity. With upbeat and motivating 8D music as well as binaural beats mixed in to guide the brain into the frequency range where it has much more energy.

Let yourself be carried away and recharged with 8D music.

So, in just 10 minutes, the brain is guided to the exact frequency where you can regain new energy and more power. After listening to it, you will clearly feel that something has changed. You feel fresher, more alert, more motivated, more focused and somehow you also have the feeling of being more creative and focused. An excellent support for everyday life and work, but also when you are faced with a situation where full power is required.

What is 8D Audio?

8D Audio or 8D Music is a new sound technique that has music coming from eight different directions to ensure this 8D effect. So 8D is not the abbreviation for 8-dimensional, but for 8-directional. To use this new music technology, headphones are essential, otherwise this effect is missing. Even better are spatial sound headphones, if you want to use the power of 8D completely. But even with normal headphones you get an exciting and fascinating sound spectacle. 8D Audio is a new sound technology that is now slowly making its way into Europe and is still hardly known. For this reason, the Matrixxer are happy to share this new technology here as well.

8D Audio and Binaural Beats

Of course you can’t change binaural beats in your technique in such a way that they come from eight directions, because this way the effect would be undermined. But the Matrixxer have found a way to use 8D audio in conjunction with binaural beats. To do this, simply insert two layers, i.e. one with 8D audio and one with normal stereo for the binaural beats. This way, 8D Audio can be used in parallel with Binaural Beats without compromising the binaural effect.

Please use headphones. For MP3 players, please make sure that only simple stereo is turned on and no features like surround stereo or mixed or joint stereo. For 8D, surround headphones are the best choice, but any type of headphones may be used to take advantage of this new technology.

Duration: 10 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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Accompanied with some music by:
Kevin MacLeod,