Star Travel Pyramids Frequency


Setting off to the stars with the pyramid frequency, taking an interdimensional journey


Setting off to the stars with the pyramid frequency, taking an interdimensional journey

journey-to-the-stars-pyramid-frequency-en The Matrix. Man is literally stuck on Earth. He has a physical body that does not allow him to ever leave the planet to explore distant galaxies. He would need a spaceship to reach the stars and other distant worlds. But there is an alternative. He can train his consciousness to send it on an interdimensional journey. In this way he can reach the freedom for which he feels an inner indefinable longing when he looks up to the stars.

For this purpose, binaural beats and the pyramid frequency are used to bring the brain into a state that allows it to separate from the body with its consciousness and travel out through the matrix grid into the infinite expanses.

Journey through the Universe – An Expansion of Consciousness with Meditation Music

Interdimensional travel enables every human being to visit far away places, to get to know new worlds and to explore the multiverse.

Matrixxer English Start matrixxer espanolNote: While compiling this frequency, it was noticed that the visual sound curve in edit mode had strange structures. A funnel-like up and down, tunnel-like patterns, as well as crazy curves. This has never been observed before and makes this an interesting and mysterious frequency.

This MP3 has only the pure frequencies, binaural beats, with noise laid underneath, no music, no additional sounds. We do not use melodic music in this MP3, because from experience it distracts after repeated listening and at some point you do not want to listen to it anymore. This concept makes it much more pleasant to listen to the pure frequencies. The noise placed under the frequencies prevents headaches and makes you perceive the frequencies more pleasantly.

Please use headphones.

Duration: 60 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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Possibly accompanied by music from:
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