DxT Dissociative Digital Drugs


Experience the dissociative state, stimulate the pineal gland and increase DMT release without drugs.


DMT Stimulation & DXT Experience

Discover the power of DXT to unlock a world of possibilities!

Experience the dissociative state, stimulate the pineal gland and increase DMT (DxT) release without drugs. Unleash your inner potential with DMT frequency and get ready for an enlightening journey that will change your life forever.

DXT-DMT-popular-digital-drug-simulator Are you ready to take your brain to the next level? Experience a unique journey with DMT Frequency, the natural and safe way to stimulate your pineal gland and induce a dissociative state. Our revolutionary technology allows you to explore the depths of your mind and unlock new states of consciousness you never thought possible. Get ready for a transformative experience with the DXT frequency.

After administration of DMT, there is a very strong buzzing in the ears or brain, if you will, that becomes almost unbearably loud, puts the pineal gland into the highest stimulation, the person experiences an out-of-body experience, and in the most optimal case, is then transported into an extremely complexly designed tube system that appears to be used as a transport shaft to access the cosmic collective communication network.

This is possible with the help of this frequency, it exactly simulates the brain frequency that subjects in Rick Strassman’s DMT study possessed and also produces a dissociative state.

Body’s own DMT to stimulate pineal gland and DMT release (DxT) and cause dissociation.

One races at an incredible speed through multiple realities, fractal worlds, computer simulated systems, distant planets within our universe, into infinite astral realities, or even temporarily directly into the afterlife. Suddenly the journey stops and one is face to face with a personality, which in the rarest cases is a human being. Now communication is possible in a direct way. One can ask questions or simply observe science fiction worlds, beautiful beings or buildings or incredible landscapes that are as real as if one were standing with one’s body in the middle of these realities.

Every human being has a so-called pineal gland in the middle of his brain, which, considering human history, was once 1-3 centimeters in size. Nowadays it is only a few millimeters in size and has greatly regressed. Within this pineal gland, DMT is naturally produced by the body and stored within it.

DMT (DxT) simulation, DMT output and the DMT output death. A DMT (DxT) Simulation, DMT Ejection and the DMT Ejection Death.

In the past, with the help of the body-internal DMT, one could leave one’s body at any time and dive into the wormhole universe, so that one could travel to all the other worlds and communicate with alien beings in them. It was possible to leave the physical reality immediately on demand and travel to another one. However, with time, the pineal gland shrank and this interesting ability faded away.

Regarding the psychedelic journey “outward” into the worlds of the cosmos, one can cite different stages or levels that can be experienced during a DMT release. Here a consensus has emerged with the help of many cyber- or psychonauts:

Level 1: Changes in the field of vision, stronger colors, music sounds wider and more spacious.

Level 2: Visual perceptions, fractals, strong colors.

Level 3: Very strong visions, faces, 3-dimensional structures, increased sensitivity.

Level 4: Strong perception of objects, time becomes meaningless, time distortions, time jumps.

Level 5: Perception of alien beings, distant places, distant planetary systems, galaxies, machine beings, afterlife and many more.

This DMT frequency is a digital drug

So DMT is present in every living being, flows through our blood and is produced in the pineal gland. It can be made to emit DMT with the consciousness-awakening (but illegal substance) or just with the right brain frequencies. On this MP3, a DMT release is provoked and subsequently the frequencies are transmitted to the brain that cause an out-of-body experience.

What are machine elves? Meet Machine Elves, Fractal Elves or Elf Machines. A description of machine elves

What are machine elves or Fractal Elves or also Elf Machines? These are traders who live on a distant energy plane. They trade the life energy of beings from all kinds of worlds and planes of existence. Human energy is very popular with humans because humans rarely pass by and almost never manage to penetrate so far into the depths of other planes of existence. Humans are a rarity for the machine elves.

It doesn’t happen that they suck energy from you or that you suddenly feel broken, drained or sucked out after the energy exchange with the fractal elves, you hardly feel it. It is only a presently available amount of energy that is exchanged, which the machine elves then use for their purposes. It is perhaps comparable to a blood donation. After the energy exchange has taken place, they fulfill any wish. Even today, it is rumored that the CIA once visited the machine elves to get an answer on how to systematically enslave an entire planet. However, no one really knows what is true about this rumor.

Duration: 17 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

Please use headphones. For MP3 players, please make sure that only simple stereo is turned on and no features like surround stereo or mixed or joint stereo.

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