Sacral Chakra – The Full Tune Up


Activate, clean, open, heal the sacral chakra on all 3 levels. Complete sacral chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.


Activate sacral chakra – open sacral chakra and clean chakra with binaural beats as a new chakra meditation

Humans have seven main energy centers that have to be promoted and opened on their path to personal development. The further a chakra is open, the further the corresponding skills are trained. Characteristics such as a balanced sex life, more self-confidence, more energy, increased speech skills, better and clearer thinking, enlightened states, calmness and willpower … all of these things can arise through a balanced opening of the chakras.

Activate, clean, open, heal the sacral chakra on all 3 levels. Complete sacral chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.

open-sacral-chakra-tuneup-en 30 min activate sacral chakra – low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency each 10 minutes

2. Chakra, the sacral chakra / Svadhisthana chakra (Svadhisthana = sweetness, loveliness)

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and is about a hand’s breadth below the navel. Like all subsequent chakras, except the root chakra and the crown chakra, it is open to the front. It stands for the original love of life and the divine creative power and is the seat of unfiltered original emotions. Creativity lies in this level of awareness. The reproductive instinct is closely connected with the creative power, which is also connected with the creation of something new. Disorders in this chakra can manifest themselves through diseases of the genital organs, but also disorders in the sensory sensation. An over- or under-function of the sexual drive can also provide information about a blocked sacral chakra. Emotionally, the imbalance is noticeable through addictions and listlessness.

As far as the sacred chakra is concerned, it shows its openness and harmonious function, in which our life and our feelings are expressed in a natural flow. It has to do with communication with the inner being. With what the body wants and needs and with which it experiences joy. The person’s ability to have children is also associated with this chakra.
Its disharmonious function often originates from puberty. If the parents and teachers were unable to properly convey the awakening sexual powers and the use of these energies. The second chakra is the center of original emotions, sexual energies and creative powers.

Activate sacral chakra:

An activated chakra naturally expresses itself in a vital, lustful sex life. But not only there. For example, people whose sacral chakra is activated can indulge in a task or engage in other people and opinions. The developed sacral chakra not only stands for “witnessing children” but also for all other forms of creative activity (creativity) in art, at work or in one’s own hobby.

A balanced sacral chakra, enables a spiritual-physical correspondence in the partnership. People trust their instincts and the environment feels their vitality. He rests in himself and has a strong sense of family.

If the root chakra and the sacral chakra are in harmony, a person with sensitive systems has the opportunity to perfect his or her abilities.

Short version – indicators of undisturbed sacral chakra and how to activate sacral chakra

Sensuality, joie de vivre, creative power, creativity, sexual energy, lust for life, positive ties to other people and the other sex, self-confidence, enthusiasm

Blocked sacral chakra and how to activate sacral chakra

The flow of give and take is often disturbed. This can be expressed in a variety of ways:

A blocked sacral chakra not only indicates frigidity and impotence. Sex addictions (eg nymphomania or its male counterpart “Don Juanism”) can also be signs of a disturbed sacral chakra.
Physically, the disorder manifests itself as obesity (hoarding, wanting to keep everything) or anorexia (rejection, refusing to take anything).
This has an emotional effect on people who have problems allowing their own feelings – or dealing with those of other people.
The disturbance acts as a human being in the form of isolation and isolation. Or as a person who likes to flirt without really getting involved.

Abstract – indicators of disorders / blockages in the sacral chakra and how to activate Sacral Chakra

Inability to enjoy life, lack of energy, lack of motivation, jealousy, feelings of guilt, compulsive sexual behavior, sex greed, sexual disinterest, risk of addiction, strong mood swings, drive, menstrual disorders, diseases of the uterus and ovaries, prostate and testicular diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, fungal disorders , Kidney disease, bladder problems, urinary tract infections, pain in the lumbar spine, hip pain, sequelae of lack of detoxification

Function of the glands associated with the sacral chakra and how to activate Sacral Chakra

The gonads, arranged in pairs, produce sex hormones in their endocrine portion. The testicles and others the male hormone testosterone, the ovaries the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. In their exocrine part, the testicles form spermatozoa, the ovaries allow the eggs to mature.

This MP3 (Activate Sacral Chakra) contains the pure tones, binaural beats. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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