Soul Star Chakra Full Tune-Up


The Soul Star Chakra is an energy centre located in the subtle body above the Crown Chakra.


The Soul Star Chakra is an energy centre located in the subtle body above the Crown Chakra.

It is believed to be connected to our spiritual guidance and higher consciousness, enabling us to connect with our higher self and access divine guidance. The Soul Star Chakra helps us to open up to unconditional love, trust the universe and manifest our highest potential. It is also associated with spiritual healing, inner wisdom and creative expression.

The Soul Star Chakra activates the connection of our physical body with Spirit, the Creator.

activate-soul-chakra It is important to create a stable ground before using this frequency. The colour is magenta. It is located about 30 cm above the crown chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is the area where you connect with Spirit and your Higher Self. This is how you develop spiritual abilities. This chakra meaning has much to do with the idea of “letting go”. It refers to allowing the divine light of Spirit and the white ray to fill your life.

This energy encourages you to let go of old attitudes that might otherwise have held you back in your current life.

Specific information is downloaded through this chakra to the chakras below. One of the reasons we don’t normally have access to this information is that it can also be very confrontational.

If this information can be accessed, it can help to make significant changes in the way we think and live. This can happen when you integrate lessons learned in past lives.

The Soul Star Chakra explained:

The Soul Star Chakra is associated with the origin of enlightenment and the principle of ascension and the ideal “I transcend”.

The eighth chakra is commonly referred to as the Soul Star Chakra or Seat of the Soul. It is located above the crown of the head, above the crown chakra.

This chakra is located above the highest point of the physical body and is about a hand’s width above the head or about 15 cm and in some people up to 60 cm.

It is the first transpersonal chakra. It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy and divine love enter the body.

Although there is a gateway between it and the crown chakra, commonly called the Stellar Gateway, this is the next chakra above the crown chakra in the etheric body. Through the gateway, divine light and energy enter the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body. The meanings of the eighth or soul star chakra relate to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme divine wisdom and spiritual compassion.

Those who have developed certain spiritual gifts can use the Soul Star Chakra and gain access to the Akashic Records. This access can enable the consciousness to break through the veil of amnesia that has prevented one from receiving information about past lives and the knowledge gained from them.

Once one has begun to connect the soul with consciousness, one can become aware of the soul’s purpose and gain access to karmic memories.

The soul star chakra or eighth chakra is the area within the etheric body where the functions of higher consciousness, spirituality and your commitment to higher ideals originate.

The energy of the white ray of the eighth chakra is a powerful restorative. It will support emotional balance and stability and bring deep inner peace and tranquillity.

By accessing Divine Wisdom, one can become aware of the oneness of all that is. The eighth chakra is about ascension and the spiritual self.

This MP3 contains the pure tones, binaural beats, plus wind noise. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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