Brain Kick – House recommendation!


Brain Kick – Contains ASMR Music! – The house recommendation – With gamma frequencies to cleanse the pineal gland for astral travel (AKE) with binaural beats for the pineal gland!


The house recommendation: “Dilas Brain Kick” – contains ASMR Music! With Gamma Frequencies to cleanse the Pineal Gland for Astral Travel (OBE = Out of Body Experience) with Binaural Beats for the Pineal Gland!

This MP3 is so to speak the house recommendation of Matrixxer!

Here, the Matrixxer have taken special care and fine-tuned everything to promote deep states of consciousness and make them easier to reach. The frequencies, Binaural Beats, stimulate the pineal gland and trigger out-of-body experiences with gamma frequencies.

Warning: may alter consciousness in surprising ways.

dilas-brain-kicker-scifi-asmr Also, exactly this MP3 with Binaural Beats – made by Jonathan Dilas – was featured on Youtube and has received over 800,000 views! Some have gotten scared because of the powerful effect and others have had incredible experiences. The effect was so amazing that some even believed they were dealing with sounds sent by Satan himself. This, of course, is not true.

The frequencies and musical tones were designed to cause even a little trepidation so that the pineal gland would react. After all, a shallow respect for the possibilities of one’s pineal gland and perceptual abilities is not amiss.

Besides, you have to remember that fear has a good side too! It believes 100% that such pineal gland perceptions, expanded states of consciousness, astral travel, pineal gland activation and lucid dreaming are possible! In a shallow fear one has no more doubts! So, use at your own risk!

Activate pineal gland and open third eye with binaural beats to unclog pineal gland with proper pineal gland frequencies.

However, most have been able to achieve excellent results with it and experienced amazing perceptions and intense experiences. They felt much freer afterwards, more open, consciousness was clearer than ever and experienced intense lucid dreams and lucid dreams the following night. Some even experienced an out-of-body experience.

This MP3 has multiple frequencies, binaural beats, in the gamma and theta range, with static laid underneath, with music and additional sound frequencies and ambient tones.

This frequency, with Binaural Beats, is to decalcify the pineal gland and open the third eye, has become very famous and has about 800,000 views or listeners (the frequency tones presented there, however, have a poorer quality and thus do not seem as intense as the original MP3).

This frequency contains ASMR.

What is ASMR and ASMR Music

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR Meaning:

Built-in sounds that serve as ASMR triggers (ASMR triggers) to induce mild goosebumps or head tingles, such as by means of whispering, hair brushing, soft lip tones with humming or delicate sounds, as well as spherical background music, sounds from nature, and equally hard-to-associate sounds, and the like.

ASMR for sleeping or ASMR for falling asleep with ASMR Music

This is also often used for people with problems falling asleep. Gehirnkicker uses a similar technique here by incorporating ASMR music and/or sounds into the background of the music or binaural beats to create associations as well as to stimulate dreaming, to trigger the hypnagogic state or to program dreams, but there is also a category with meditations with built-in classical ASMR.

Please use headphones for this MP3 (ASMR Music)

Duration: 45 min.
Format: MP3, 320 kbps

The great Book “Spiritual Dissociation” of Jonathan Dilas
Binaural Beats: Activate DNA and Healing