Solar Plexus – Full Tune Up


Activate, clean, open, heal solar plexus chakra on all 3 levels. Complete solar plexus chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.


Activate solar plexus chakra – open the solar plexus chakra and clean the chakra with binaural beats as a new chakra meditation

Humans have seven main energy centers that have to be promoted and opened on their path to personal development. The further a chakra is open, the further the corresponding skills are trained. Characteristics such as a balanced sex life, more self-confidence, more energy, increased speech skills, better and clearer thinking, enlightened states, calmness and willpower … all of these things can arise through a balanced opening of the chakras.

Activate solar plexus chakra, Heal, clean, open, activate solar plexus chakra on all 3 levels. Complete solar plexus chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.

open-solar-plexus-chakra-tuneup-en 3. Chakra, the solar plexus chakra / Manipura chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located slightly above the navel at the level of the solar plexus (solar plexus). It is associated with the fire element, which means light, warmth, energy and activity, also power and power. It stands for the development of the “I”, as well as the assertiveness in your own environment. This does not mean enforcing violence, but finding a harmonious way to realize your own ideas. Blockages in this chakra are manifested physically by indigestion, stomach problems, diabetes and being overweight. The blockade is emotionally expressed through aggressiveness, insecurity, sleep disorders and nightmares.

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of our personality and the conscious design of our life, the influence and power. Here the vital impulses and desires of the lower chakras are processed and transformed, and feelings and experiences are integrated into the overall personality. We experience warmth, strength and fullness, harmony with ourselves and life when our third chakra works harmoniously.

The topic, the learning task of the solar plexus chakra is the development of the personality, the processing of feelings and experiences, the design of being, influence and power, strength and abundance and wisdom that grows from experience.

Activate solar plexus chakra:

A person with a developed solar plexus chakra has the natural aggressiveness that you need to achieve your own goals. Especially when there are resistances in the way, a person with the activated chakra has the strength, energy and the will to eliminate them and to go on.

Since the solar plexus creates the flow between feeling and reason, a person with an activated solar plexus chakra can handle emotions very well. Instead of being “overwhelmed” by them, he creates a connection to the mind, which can understand the emotions, reflect them and enrich them with important thought impulses. Conversely, thoughts do not remain sophisticated intellectual spinning, but are emotionally rooted, fertilized and can thus be implemented tangibly.

A person with a balanced solar plexus chakra rests in his middle and has a stable effect on his environment. It is an active person who makes decisions and takes responsibility. He reacts sensitively and follows his intuition when making decisions. These people are also very sensitive and open to the problems of others. Media-minded people can strengthen their telepathic abilities here, they have the so-called X-ray vision.

Abstract – indicators for trouble-free solar plexus chakra

High level of energy and vitality, self-confidence, goals are realized, energy, strong personality, power in the positive sense along with sensitivity and compassion, intuitive decisions (from the gut), feelings can be accepted and lived, good nerves, good sleep

Blocked solar plexus chakra and how to Activate solar plexus chakra

The blockade manifests itself on the one hand in weakness. Or as a distorted will to power that does not shy away from manipulation, deception and intrigue.

The non-aggressive variant is in fact not free from anger or anger – these feelings are simply cut off and directed inwards. The consequences can be not only health problems, but also interpersonal tensions that can manifest themselves in sudden outbursts of anger. Furthermore, it is likely that a person with this blocked chakra projects the “own” aggression into the environment and derives feelings of fear and paranoia from it.

The distorted will to power is completely fixed on its own selfish goals. What he does not get is called “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Whether as a tyrannical landlord or as a black magic summoner of energy – such a person always has his own interests before those of the others.

Short version – indicators of disturbances / blockages in the solar plexus chakra and how to Activate solar plexus chakra

Little life energy, feeling cold, indifference, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, obsession with power, excessive ambition and performance thinking, ruthlessness, tantrums, eating disorders, sleep disorders, not achieving goals, no assertiveness, blocked emotions, stomach disorders, heartburn, diseases of the liver, spleen + gallbladder, jaundice , Indigestion, lumbar pain, nerve disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity,

30 min activate solar plexus chakra – low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency each 10 minutes.

This MP3 Activate solar plexus Chakra contains the pure tones, binaural beats. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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