Activate Heart Chakra Full Tune Up


Activate, clean, open, heal the heart chakra on all 3 levels. Complete heart chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.


Activate heart chakra – open heart chakra and clean chakra with binaural beats as a new chakra meditation

Humans have seven main energy centers that have to be promoted and opened on their path to personal development. The further a chakra is open, the further the corresponding skills are trained. Characteristics such as a balanced sex life, more self-confidence, more energy, increased speech skills, better and clearer thinking, enlightened states, calmness and willpower … all of these things can arise through a balanced opening of the chakras.

Activate Heart Chakra, clean, open, heal the heart chakra on all 3 levels. Complete heart chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.

open-heart-chakra-tuneup-en 4. Chakra, the heart chakra / anahata chakra (anahata = not struck, undamaged)

The heart chakra is at the level of the heart and is the center of the chakra system. It is the seat of unconditional love in its purified form. At this learning stage, people experience what giving love means. He no longer sees himself only as a receiving being or as an I, but as part of a community. Compassion and humanity also belong to this stage of consciousness. Physical disorders due to an improperly developed heart chakra are heart and circulatory diseases, as well as skin and lung diseases. A mental disorder manifests itself through contact difficulties, feeling cold but also lack of demarcation.

The heart chakra is the center of affection, devotion and healing. When it is in a state of equilibrium, our perception opens up for the beauty and harmony in nature and art, gives us a deep zest for life, empathy and a love that is free of conditions.

Activate heart chakra:

The activated heart chakra not only leads to fertility in interpersonal relationships. Whose heart is “open” feels literally connected to the world. A person with a developed heart chakra can take people as they are. He understands and understands their inner nature – and loves it, regardless of how someone behaves on the surface, dresses, cares for or does not care.

People with an activated heart chakra are sociable and like to take on social responsibility, not because of external constraints, but because of inner calling. Those who listen to their hearts come into contact with an intuitive wisdom that sees through the deeper connections of life and whose advice and tips take into account not only their own interests, wishes and ideas, but also those of others. “The heart knows reasons of which the mind knows nothing,” Blaise Pascal * put it in a nutshell.

The heart chakra is the seat of pure love. This chakra is the center that enables us to let the universal life energy – Reiki – flow from our hands and heal others. An active chakra enables you to influence things mentally. For example, thought transmission and remote healing are possible. “The will can move mountains.” Everything you seriously want to achieve in your life will come true.

Short version – indicators of trouble-free heart chakra

Compassion, deep understanding and putting yourself in it, overcoming selfish thinking and acting, comprehensive unselfish love, tolerance towards dissenters and foreign cultures, it is easy to take responsibility for others, also lovingly accepting yourself despite weaknesses and mistakes, warmth

Blocked heart chakra and how to Activate Heart Chakra

The blockade manifests itself in lovelessness, insensitivity and “coolness”. People with blocked hearts have sex – but not love. The lack of, inhibited or blocked love often leads to addictive behavior. Be it in the form of money, success or alcohol, cocaine, hashish and other drugs – the heartless feels the inner emptiness and has to fill it in whatever form. But no “substitute drug” can compensate for the loss of the heart. Only the fulfillment of the real longing for warmth and love leads to healing.

Short version – indicators of disorders / blockages in the heart chakra:

Lovelessness, cold heart, bitterness, contact difficulties, loneliness, problems accepting love, relationship problems, coronary heart diseases + angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmia, high or low blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, circulatory disorders, lung diseases, asthma, breathing difficulties, frequent colds and allergies, pain in the chest, pain Shoulders, rheumatism in the arms and hands, skin diseases

Function of the glands associated with the heart chakra and how to Activate Heart Chakra

The thymus belongs to the lymphatic system and produces thymosin. This hormone is responsible for the development of T lymphocytes, which in turn are able to destroy foreign cells and microorganisms. It controls the production of white blood cells that defend against infection. The gland is important for the entire immune system. According to conventional medical knowledge, the thymus glands regress after puberty and are replaced by connective tissue and adipose tissue.

30 min activate heart chakra – low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency each 10 minutes.

This MP3 (Activate Heart Chakra) contains the pure tones, binaural beats. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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