Authenticity of ratings

Information on the authenticity of ratings

We are very happy if you want to rate our products. But due to the new legal regulations, this is so bureaucratically complicated with the ratings that we have turned off the ratings.

Thus, we declare at this point that our ratings are NOT authentic or we have not had our ratings viewed and approved by offices, bureaucracy and testing services. Either you believe our ratings or not.

Authenticity of customer reviews in our store

According to § 5b Abs. 3 UWG (law against unfair competition) we are obliged to inform about the authenticity and verification of customer reviews within our store.

Accordingly, we inform you at this point that all customer reviews published in our store are quite authentic, but not verified in their authenticity.

Manual review of all ratings before publication

We do not review our ratings that have been passed on to us.

Checking the plausibility of the valuations

Likewise, we do not check the ratings for plausibility and do not inquire with the customer, because even a rating of a product that was actually purchased from us may be implausible under certain circumstances.

No filtering based on the evaluative content

A stricter filtering of negative or preferential treatment of positive reviews does not take place at Matrixxer. As long as a rating meets the above criteria, it is published equally regardless of whether it is formulated favorably, critically or even pejoratively.

Stock valuations before the change in the law

The above-mentioned paragraph of the UWG came into force on 28 May 2022. Of course, you will also find older product reviews in our store that were submitted before this change in the law.

These reviews may contain the indication that they come from an unverified purchase. This is because customers who have only shopped with us as guests without a registered customer account were also able to submit a product review until 5/28/2022.

The above stated requirement that only reviews for actually purchased products can and could be submitted remains unaffected. Furthermore, since the existence of Matrixxer, all reviews have been checked manually and published or deleted accordingly.