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What is Matrixxer Rebel Base 43?

What is Matrixxer Rebel Base 43?

Spiritualität für Anfänger - Spirituality for Beginners - Espiritualidad para PrincipiantesRebel Base 43 (Rebel Base No. 43) is a creative version and creative expression of our knowledge in very short videos that we publish on video portals. Here we compress our knowledge on certain topics in videos of a length between 1-2 minutes.

The hits on Rebel Base 43 are most successful on Facebook. Although the number of viewers fluctuates greatly here, our short videos (reels) are very popular.

Matrixxer on Facebook

Rebel Base 43 Facebook ReelsHere you can see the most successful reels, which are about the sun (95,000 views) and prison planet Earth (148,000 views). People’s interest is mostly geared towards gaining some orientation amidst all the existing disinformation, especially from the mainstream media. Short videos of up to one minute are the best option on Facebook to reach a broad audience.

Our impression is that – in contrast to YouTube – there is more interest on Facebook in being informed quickly and in the shortest possible time, especially in english-speaking countries. The world has become more fast-paced and due to the massive number of offers, more quantity than quality is the norm, but to get the most important information quickly and in as little time as possible.

Such portals are Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and also Youtube. We also invite everyone who has such a portal to build a Rebel Base for themselves and dial a two-digit number for it. In this way you can work together with us. 🙂

You will find all Rebel Base 43 videos on our YouTube playlist “Rebel Base 43” or on Facebook.

Matrixxer and Rebel Base 43 on Instagram

matrixxer instagram

We are also on Instagram with 3 accounts.

  1. Matrixxer Rebel Cosmos Nation
  2. Matrixxer
  3. Matrixblogger

On Matrixxer Cosmos we publish sequently different reels which are mostly not made by us, but are recommendations.

On Matrixxer we publish mainly reels about Rebel Base 43.

And on Matrixblogger Jonathan publishs mainly about world politics and spirituality with reels and recommendations.

We wish you a wonderful time.

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