Sleep knockout in 10 Minutes


Fall asleep super fast as a power nap, with this quick sleep induction! Fall into a deep and relaxed sleep with Binaural Beats.


Fall asleep super fast (sleep knockout) as a power nap, with this quick sleep induction! Sleep knockout and fall into a deep and relaxed sleep with Binaural Beats.

fell-asleep-in-10-minutes This frequency is a fast sleep induction frequency. Within 5 minutes, you will be picked up from the upper alpha range and taken to a relaxed mid delta range. The goal of this frequency is to induce sleep within 10 minutes, where the body and mind relax as quickly as possible.

This frequency is suitable for people who do not have major problems falling asleep, but still want to reach the sleep state faster and more purposefully. With this frequency you will quickly find yourself in a deep and restful sleep.

By listening regularly, you train yourself and your body to get into a restful and deep relaxed sleep within a very short time. Your body stores this pleasant feeling of rest and relaxation and can more easily enter this state over time.

The 136.1 Hz Solfeggio helps to calm your mind & body. Optimal as a sleep aid, sleep music and against insomnia (sleep knockout).

The underlying 136.1 Hz supports you to feel a sense of great calming. You feel safe, secure, completely detached and automatically fall into a wonderful, deep and restful sleep. The frequency helps you enter a relaxed state of joy. This frequency has a very calming, balancing and harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul. It is also called the “frequency of the soul” and corresponds to the “OM” sound.

This frequency lasts only 10 minutes and takes you gradually from 12 Hz to a very low delta range of 3.4 Hz. This frequency is known to enable and promote healthy and restful sleep.

Sleep music to fall asleep fast as music against insomnia – Knock yourself out in 10 minutes with this music to fall asleep to.(sleep knockout)

This MP3 is mainly designed to help you fall asleep faster and help people with problems falling asleep. It will help you sleep through the night and overcome insomnia. You will wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning and start your day energized.

Applied frequencies:
Alpha frequency with 12 Hz
gradually going down to 3.4 Hz
136.1 Hz
Sleep music

Duration: 10 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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Spiritual Blog: “The Matrixblogger

Possibly accompanied by some music from:
Kevin MacLeod,