Self Awakening Meditation


Awakening Meditation – Deep Delta Meditation and Epsilon Waves


Awakening Meditation – Deep Delta Meditation and Epsilon Waves

Humanity is slowly beginning to awaken. This can also be observed in the ever increasing Schumann frequency. This music, which has been coupled with a special brain frequency stimulation, aims to accelerate the process of awakening, to open the mind, to mobilise inner energies and also to establish a contact to higher levels.

All this is accompanied by beautiful spherical sounds that are unforgettable. Here, the Matrixxer have taken special care to evoke an ethereal, almost otherworldly mood via the music in the mind. The spherical sounds, spherical music and an imposing enchanting spherical sound underline the effect very clearly.

Awakening Meditation with Binaural Beats Delta Frequency and Epsilon Frequency

awakening-with-spherical-vocals The brain frequency placed under this music is mainly in the delta range, then goes over to the upper alpha range to pick up the meditator there and then gradually leads him back to the low delta range within 30 minutes.

In the next 10 minutes, and this has an extremely reinforcing effect, one is repeatedly led from the delta realm into the epsilon realm for a few minutes and out again into the delta realm. This fluctuation between delta and epsilon creates space in consciousness for higher insights, spontaneous clairvoyant moments and other dormant abilities that exist within us and are waiting to be awakened.

Listen to it every day to get good results. You can either meditate with it or just listen to it in a relaxed way. At least once a day. Be sure to use headphones.

Awakening Humanity and the Inner Self with the Self Awakening Meditation

Are you ready to unleash the power of your subconscious? With the Self Awakening Meditation you can accelerate your journey of awakening and explore new levels of consciousness. Our special brain frequency stimulation and Schumann Resonance infused music will help you open your mind, activate inner energies and reach new heights. Join the journey today!

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Join us for the Self Awakening Meditation and access the power of meditation to reconnect with your inner self! Discover a path of mindfulness, clarity and deep self-reflection that leads to powerful self-realisation. Awaken your true potential and reach heights of consciousness you never thought possible!

Duration: 42 minutes
Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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