Relieve Tinnitus with ASMR


With ASMR! With this MP3 it is possible to strongly calm a tinnitus and once again enjoy the peace.


Relieve Tinnitus with ASMR – treat tinnitus with binaural beats against tinnitus as an alternative tinnitus therapy as a home remedy against tinnitus

tinnitus-with-asmr-sounds-en With this MP3 it is possible to strongly calm down a tinnitus and to get some peace and quiet.

Beethoven had a strong tinnitus and could hardly hear. He once wrote down these sounds that he heard. So the tinnitus could be better classified, but unfortunately still not treated reasonably. Now a good alternative tinnitus therapy can be used to get rid of ear noise and ringing in the ears again.

Here you listen now over 40 minutes to a soothing noise with a hair dryer sound and with subliminal tones, which also promote relaxation and is the new home remedy for tinnitus. Already many people with tinnitus problems have successfully used this home remedy against tinnitus. It is important here not to be disturbed by external noises and simply listen to this MP3, either through headphones or also through his boxes on the computer or his music system.

Help with tinnitus, i.e. noises in the ears, ringing in the ears, ear noises of all kinds. The successful help for tinnitus

The home remedy for tinnitus has always been to listen to a hair dryer noise. Under this, quietly built in the frequencies that soothe tinnitus and reflect the brain frequency that people with healthy ears and auditory canals have. This is an excellent mix to help manage tinnitus.

This frequency contains ASMR in the form of hairdryer sounds.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR Meaning:

Built-in sounds that serve as ASMR triggers (ASMR triggers) to create mild goosebumps or head tingles, such as by means of whispering, hair brushing, soft lip sounds with humming or delicate noises, as well as spherical background music, sounds from nature, and equally hard-to-associate sounds, and the like.

ASMR for sleeping or ASMR for falling asleep

This is also often used for people with problems falling asleep. Gehirnkicker uses a similar technique here by incorporating ASMR music and/or sounds into the background of the music or binaural beats to create associations as well as to stimulate dreaming, to trigger the hypnagogic state or to program dreams, but there is also a category with meditations with built-in classic ASMR.

This MP3 contains only the pure frequencies, binaural beats and must be used with headphones.

Duration: 46 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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