The PSI Power of Telekinesis (ISO)


Power of Telekinesis and Learning Telekinesis or Learning Psychokinesis with Isochronic Tones


Power of Telekinesis and Learn Telekinesis or Learning Psychokinesis with ISOchronic Tones

binaural-beats-telekinesis These frequencies with isochronic tones, help you to activate your hidden telekinetic abilities.

This interesting ability lies in fallow or inactive areas of the brain. With these frequencies, isochronic tones, you can animate these brain areas.

Already in the movie “Push” and in the well-known horror series “Supernatural” telekinesis is used again and again and shows what an excellent ability it is to defend oneself. In modern humans, the areas of the brain that would need to be active for the art of telekinesis, and to learn telekinesis, are primarily deactivated. With these frequencies, these brain areas are stimulated and tickled, so to speak, so that activity arises there again, in order to be able to learn psychokinesis.

Telekinesis instruction and learning telekinesis! Learn psychokinesis as one of the many PSI abilities. Does telekinesis really exist?

Does telekinesis really exist? There is a lot of research in this field, especially in Russia, to get to grips with this ability and learn telekinesis. There are many experimental exercises for this purpose:

Telekinesis instruction 1:

  • Take a vase and attach a paper spiral to the inner bottom of the vase.
  • Now you fix the spiral with tape and unroll it
  • Then turn the vase upside down so that the inside is protected from wind and drafts.
  • Now sit in front of the vase and concentrate on making the paper spiral spin

Telekinesis instruction 2:

  • Take a bowl of cold water
  • Now put a ping-pong ball on the surface of the water.
  • Now wait until the ball stops moving.
  • Then you try to move this ball with your thoughts
  • Take care that your windows and doors are closed

You should definitely listen to these tones during one of these two psychokinesis exercises or even several times to train your brain for this frequency.

The frequencies are based on the new ISO technology, which do not require headphones and do not require a strong separation of the stereo channels. You can run them freely in the room through the speakers, even individual boxes or through the smartphone is possible without any problems! This technique is very intense and strong.

There is no hemispheric synchronization in this MP3, so it doesn’t matter what device you use or whether any standard sound requirements are met.

This MP3 should be listened to 2 times a day, preferably before and after sleeping. Headphones are not necessary.

Duration: 30 min.
Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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