Meditation and Deep Sleep with ASMR


Better fall asleep and sleep through.


Meditation and deep Sleep – Better fall asleep and sleep through.

Fall into Meditation and deep Sleep  and relaxed sleep with ASMR effects. Experience healing with Binaural Beats & 432 Hz Solfeggio.

meditation-and-deep-sleep-with-asmr-en You would like to meditate before sleeping, but you still have so much going around in your head? You often have trouble falling asleep? Your thoughts drive you around and you lie awake for a long time before your mind calms down and your body relaxes? With this frequency you will quickly find a deep and restful sleep and before that you will be guided into deep self-healing states.

This frequency is optimal for meditating before sleep (theta delta meditation) or to immediately induce a restful sleep and solve sleep problems and problems falling asleep.

This frequency guides you through different areas of theta, delta and alpha waves. In these areas you can experience healing states. You can enter the healing plane and initiate pleasant dreams.

This frequency contains ASMR.

What is ASMR and ASMR Meaning.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR for sleeping or ASMR for Meditation and deep Sleep

Built-in sounds that serve as ASMR triggers (ASMR triggers) to create mild goosebumps or head tingles, such as by means of whispering, hair brushing, soft lip sounds with buzzing or delicate sounds, but also spherical background music, sounds from nature and equally difficult to assign sounds, etc.

Advantages of theta delta wave meditation for Meditation and deep Sleep

  • Rejuvenating and regenerating effects
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Harmony and balance
  • Feeling of connectedness with everything
  • Increase of perception
  • Whole body regeneration and vitality
  • DNA stimulation
  • With ASMR

By listening regularly, you train your body to fall faster and deeper into a state of absolute relaxation. Your body stores this pleasant feeling of rest and relaxation and can more easily enter this state over time.

The 432 Hz Solfeggio, healing frequencies that help you for Meditation and deep Sleep

…to feel a sense of great calming. You feel safe, secure, completely detached and automatically fall into a wonderful, deep and restful sleep. This frequency frees you from stress and at the same time has a very relaxing effect. It promotes a calming, meditative state that harmonizes body and mind. In addition, it has a healing influence on the body, it synchronizes the brain hemispheres, the cells and DNA are stimulated and harmonized.

The gentle sleep aid with ASMR effects and ASMR triggers running in the background support the feeling of security, well-being and accompanies you, until sleep. Also suitable for insomnia.

This MP3 is mainly designed to help you fall asleep faster and to help people with problems falling asleep. It will help you sleep through the night and overcome sleep disorders. You will wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning and start your day energized.

Applied frequencies:

From 14Hz to 5Hz for 10 minutes
Up to 7Hz for 5 minutes
Down to 4.5 Hz for 10 minutes for meditation
Up to 8 Hz for 10 minutes for conditioning
Down to 1.5 Hz for super deep sleep
432 Hz Solfeggio

With ASMR sound effects and ASMR trigger. Without music.

Duration: 60 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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