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Learn Channeling, Channeling from the Deceased – A Channeling Course with Binaural Beats.


Learn Channeling, Channeling from the Deceased – A Channeling Course with Binaural Beats.

binaural-beats-learn-channeling The PSI skill “channelling” is the art of making contact with higher beings or even extraterrestrials in order to converse with them telepathically or to receive their messages.

Hearing voices, moving glasses, reading thoughts – these phenomena have always aroused people’s fascination. Regardless of one’s attitude towards such phenomena, hardly anyone can entirely resist the curiosity as to whether and how such phenomena are possible.

The possibilities of establishing contact through channelling are the recognition of complete messages and, last but not least, the critical examination of entities and their messages. This also includes conveying a conducive basic attitude towards telepathic phenomena, which is characterised on the one hand by openness and on the other hand by a healthy questioning. Such an attitude prevents gullibility and dependence, – but also the doubts that can ultimately block contact.

The best known channeling mediums has been Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts. The light beings they had contact to has dictated many books and gaver endless channeling sessions. These mediums are highly recommended to get a glimpse of the possible work that a medium can deliver and also the amount of knowledge that can be spread into the world to help the humankind in their development.

What is channelling? The importance of channelling and channelling training and how to Learn Channeling

These frequencies help to strengthen and train our natural communication abilities beyond the five usual senses. Telepaths and mediums may be exceptionally gifted people, but we all carry the predispositions and prerequisites for their abilities within us and we can all activate them. You too can learn how to achieve this ability and receive such messages.

This MP3 (Learn Channeling) has only the pure frequencies, Binaural Beats, under which a noise has been placed, without music, without additional sounds.

Duration: 10 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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