Increase your Intelligence and IQ


This MP3 teaches the brain and mind to use sound frequencies to move more and more into the state that promotes more intelligence.


Increase intelligence and with binaural beats. Increase IQ and increase concentration

Intelligence is a valuable commodity in a society that requires a wealth of knowledge, creativity, inventiveness, appropriate and intelligent behavior.

Improve intelligence and increase intelligence quotient

binaural-beats-improve-intelligence Be it for exams, homework or other activities that require the intellect. This MP3 stimulates the brain to move more and more into a state that is conducive to more intelligence. People with a high IQ were measured for this in their brain frequencies and then reproduced in vibrating tones that can be heard as frequencies, binaural beats. This trains the brain to vibrate in exactly the same way as that of those who can demonstrate this high IQ.

Imagine being able to increase intelligence and improve your cognitive abilities just by listening to specific sounds! That might sound like science fiction, but it’s actually a reality, thanks to the magic of binaural beats. Binaural beats have been scientifically proven to enhance brain function, improve memory, and increase IQ levels. As someone who’s always on the lookout for ways to improve my mental performance, I can’t help but be thrilled by this groundbreaking discovery!

Binaural beats are not new in the world of neuroscience, but their potential to increase intelligence is just beginning to be understood and appreciated. These beats are audio tracks that create an auditory illusion when listened to with headphones. They work by playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear, which then causes the brain to perceive a third frequency – the difference between the two original frequencies. This third frequency is known as a binaural beat.

What makes binaural beats so exciting is their ability to stimulate specific brainwave patterns and promote various states of consciousness. By listening to binaural beats designed to target particular brainwave frequencies associated with cognitive enhancement, we can effectively train our brains to function more optimally and increase intelligence.

Increase IQ Levels and Improve Cognitive Function

For instance, listening to binaural beats in the alpha frequency range (8-12 Hz) can help enhance creativity and problem-solving skills, while those in the theta range (4-7 Hz) can promote deep relaxation and heightened intuition. Most importantly, binaural beats in the gamma range (above 30 Hz) have been linked to increased IQ levels and improved cognitive function.

Imagine being able to unlock your brain’s full potential just by incorporating binaural beats into your daily routine! The possibilities are endless – you could excel at work or school, learn new languages with ease, or tackle complex problems with confidence. Moreover, unlike other methods of cognitive enhancement such as nootropics or brain training games, binaural beats are completely non-invasive and free of side effects. All you need is a pair of headphones and an open mind!

Moreover, binaural beats are not only effective in increasing intelligence but have also been found to improve various other aspects of mental health. For instance, they can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and even promote better sleep. The ability of binaural beats to provide such a wide range of benefits makes them an invaluable tool in the pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement.

Your Potential to increase Intelligence

In conclusion, binaural beats are an extraordinary tool that has the potential to increase intelligence, improve cognitive function, and enhance overall mental well-being. By incorporating binaural beats into your daily routine, you could unlock your brain’s full potential and achieve new heights in your personal and professional life. So why wait? Grab a pair of headphones, find some binaural beats designed to increase IQ levels, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a smarter, more capable version of yourself!

Having a higher IQ is not that easy if you don’t know where to start. Brainkicker recommends trying binaural beats, mixed-in tones that move the brain to the frequency that a person with a high intelligence quotient has.

This MP3 contains only the frequencies, binaural beats and a few sound files. Please use headphones.

Duration: 30 min.

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