Gain Wealth & Gain Prosperity


Achieve Wealth & Become Rich with Binaural Beats. This is a frequency meditation for wealth and prosperity.


Achieve Wealth & Become Rich and gain prosperity with Binaural Beats. This is a frequency meditation for wealth and prosperity.

binaural-beats-prosperity-and-wealth Who doesn’t wish for it: to become rich while sleeping or to attain wealth through meditation. These frequencies for wealth and prosperity can finally make this dream come true. By listening to these frequencies and focusing positively on wealth and gain prosperity during this time, but also in everyday life, it becomes possible to change the reality in which money unexpectedly flows to you and your finances improve.

These frequencies put you in a state of inner wealth. As within so without, and so from the abundance felt within, abundance will soon flow into your own life on the outside.

Due to many requests we have created a frequency that inspires the brain and thus the mind to achieve inner abundance and thus to draw and integrate prosperity and wealth into one’s own life.

This MP3 was created by request and represents an experiment. In studies, the brain waves and their brain wave frequency of very wealthy people were recorded and an average frequency was worked out. This frequency has now been created into an MP3 with binaural beats for optimal success.

This MP3 (Gain Prosperity) can be listened to several times a day or can be left on the side. They put the brain in a state that even millionaires possess.

This MP3 (Gain Prosperity) has only the pure frequencies, Binaural Beats, under which a noise has been placed, without music. Please use headphones.

Duration: 15 min.

Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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