Deep Sleep with Delta waves


Fall asleep better with Deltawaves for deep sleep! Fall into a deep and relaxed sleep with these binaural beats & 196 Hz better fall asleep


Fall asleep better and deep sleep with Delta waves for deep sleep! Fall into a deep and relaxed sleep with these binaural beats & 196 Hz better fall asleep

You often have problems to fall asleep? Your thoughts drive you around and you lie awake for a long time before your mind calms down and your body relaxes? With this frequency you will quickly find a deep and restful sleep.

By listening regularly, you train your body to fall faster and deeper into a state of absolute relaxation. Your body stores this pleasant feeling of rest and relaxation and can more easily enter this state over time.

These binaural beats help to calm your thoughts and are well suited against all kinds of sleep disorders, as a sleep aid with music to fall asleep, insomnia and sleep problems.

fall-asleep-with-delta-waves The underlying 196 Hz support you to feel a sense of great calming. You feel safe, secure, completely detached and automatically fall into a wonderful, deep and restful sleep. The optimal deep meditation for deep sleep and of course against sleep disorders.

This frequency lasts 42 minutes and leads you step by step from 8 Hz into a very deep delta range. After 30 minutes you will stay in 196 Hz – the feeling of great calming, which then slowly fades away. The beautiful and gentle music that runs in the background supports the feeling of security, well-being and accompanies you until sleep.

This MP3 is mainly intended to help you fall asleep faster and to help people with problems falling asleep. It supports you to sleep through and overcome sleep disorders. You will wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning and start your day energized.

Of course, this frequency can also be used for deep theta delta meditation.

The frequency accompanies you from the deep 8 Hz alpha state step by step into the deep 0.5 Hz delta state. You will experience a very deep relaxation and be in a state between waking and sleeping. With these binaural beats you will be guided into a deep and pleasant state. Moreover, they help your body and mind to regenerate and gather energy.

Benefits of theta delta wave meditation:

  • rejuvenating and regenerating effects
  • feeling of well-being
  • Overview of interrelationships; harmony and balance
  • Increase of perception
  • Whole body regeneration and vitality
  • DNA stimulation

Applied frequencies:

  • Alpha frequency with 8 Hz
  • very low delta frequency 196 Hz
  • With music to fall asleep

Duration: 42 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

Binaural Beats: “Activate DNA and Healing
Spiritual Blog: “The Matrixblogger

Possibly accompanied by music from:
Kevin MacLeod,