Colloidal Gold – Aurum Potabile


Colloidal gold and its effect. Aurum Potabile with Binaural Beats, also as colloidal gold for weight loss.


Colloidal gold and its effect. Aurum Potabile with Binaural Beats, also as colloidal gold method for weight loss.

These audio music and frequencies offered here correspond exactly to the brain frequencies that a human being possesses as soon as colloidal gold is used. Colloidal gold is one of the insider tips from the Middle Ages!

The frequencies that can be downloaded here try to trigger the brain vibration that a person possesses once one has drunk this colloidal gold. It is essential to wear headphones when doing this. No colloidal gold is sold here, but only the corresponding brain frequency is simulated.

Experiences with colloidal gold method and music, application of colloidal gold with sounds

binaural-beats-colloidal-gold-for-pineal-gland In the following some more information about colloidal gold, in order to understand on which idea this is based:

The colloidal gold of the wise alchemists from the Middle Ages is still used today and colloidal gold is used for various possibilities and also to activate the self-healing powers of the body.

Historically, the extraction of drinking gold was one of the most challenging areas in alchemy. At that time, the goal of alchemists was to profit from its great therapeutic value, which was believed to be due to the indestructibility of this metal. It was known that gold was insoluble in water and other solvents available to physicians. Gold in water-soluble form has been sought for centuries.

This was achieved by the Arab alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber) in the 8th century AD. By combining hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, Jabir invented aqua regia, one of the few substances that can actually dissolve gold. Apart from the obvious applications for gold extraction and purification, this discovery fuelled the dreams and despair of alchemists for the next thousand years. European alchemists inherited these secrets, which were written in two manuscripts from the ninth and tenth centuries and still exist.

In particular, the records of famous medieval alchemists such as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (also known worldwide as Paracelsus) and Johan Isaäc Hollandus tell of a mysterious elixir of life with almost unbelievably successful healing qualities known as “Aurum Potabile” (the “drinkable gold of the alchemists”). It was made from pure gold, liquefied in a secret way and thoroughly processed in the laboratory for several months.

Experiences with colloidal gold and effects as colloidal gold method

Alchemists like Michael Scott, Roger Bacon and Arnaud de Villeneuve had already written about “Aurum Potabile”, and how to make it, in the 13th century. Notwithstanding this, it was thanks to Paracelsus and other alchemists that the use of potable gold became widespread in the early Renaissance and the following centuries.

A form of fever known as aura fever has been described, caused by prolonged administration of large doses of gold. This fever was accompanied by profuse sweating, profuse urination, gastrointestinal irritation, kidney damage and other toxic effects, including increased salivary secretion.

Illnesses due to gold poisoning have also been described. Nevertheless, low doses of drinkable gold were considered beneficial in many conditions, as gold as such could induce perfection and refinement in the human body.

Paracelsus wrote:

“Of all elixirs, gold is the highest and the most important for us…. Gold can make the body indestructible…. Drinkable gold cures all diseases, it renews and restores them”.

Paracelsus in particular is initially credited with introducing gold into the treatment of nervous disorders (mood disorders, Sydenham’s chorea) and epilepsy.

The traditional belief in gold as an elixir of longevity goes back to the Chinese in 2500 BC, who were the first to prepare and also use something similar to drinkable gold as a drug of longevity. In ancient Egypt, drinking “gold water” was also thought to preserve youth.

Red colloidal gold is still used in India by the elderly as an Ayurvedic medicine for rejuvenation and revitalisation under the name Swarna Bhasma (Swarna means gold, Bhasma means ash). In India, vermilion gold, known as “Makaradhwaja“, the emblem of fertility, is also used for medicinal purposes.

The quest for eternal beauty through elixirs of youth as well as the exploration of the supreme panacea that transforms body, mind and soul alike is a never-ending story. Gold dissolved in water, aka “Aurum Potabile”, aka “Swarna Bhasma”, aka “Makaradhwaja”, aka “Drinkable Gold”, is just one chapter of this adventure.

“Properly applied, silver and gold will prolong life twice as much.” (Edgar Cayce, Reading 120-5)

In the great health book by Edgar Cayce, he explains in reading 907-1 that many of the well-known diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease and many others, would often result from the lack of gold. Personally, Cayce assumed that most diseases originate from the intestine or via a permeable intestinal wall and can thus trigger all kinds of allergies.

In order to get these problems under control, he referred again and again to the intake of foods containing gold or precisely to colloidal gold.

Optimal for:

  • Increasing intelligence
  • More serenity and inner peace
  • Good and restful sleep
  • Better dream recall
  • Strengthens the ability to concentrate
  • Makes you more alert and clear-headed
  • Makes you fresh, energetic and more alive
  • Promotes clarity of thought
  • Improves responsiveness
  • Improves memory
  • Improves imagination
  • Promotes better meditation
  • Decalcifies and stimulates the pineal gland
  • Increases cell communication
  • Reduces ageing (anti-ageing)
  • Reduces addictions
  • Helps with diabetes
  • Helps well with Crohn’s disease, MS and Leaky Gut

Included in the package: The frequency for colloidal gold and Aurum Potabile in three different audio versions with the frequency 316 Hz. Please listen with headphones!

Duration: 40 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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