Universal Chakra – Full TuneUp


The universal chakra is an energy centre that connects all aspects of life.


Activate universal chakra as an energy centre that connects all aspects of life.

universal-chakra-open-and-tuneup It has the potential to heal and activate the individual when properly balanced and aligned. One way to do this is to use frequencies to stimulate the chakra. Binaural beats are a type of frequency that can be used to activate and balance the universal chakra, allowing us to experience a deeper level of healing and spiritual connection.

The chakra is responsible for balancing our emotions and creating peace within us. When we By using binaural beats, we can access higher levels of consciousness, promote physical healing and even increase our creativity. Through this process we can learn to better understand ourselves and our environment to bring about positive changes in our lives.

The Universal Chakra will immediately draw you into its cosmic mysteries as soon as you begin to delve into the details. The Universal Chakra is also referred to as the 10th chakra in the 12-chakra system, or the 13-chakra system if you count the Star-Earth Chakra in the aura under your feet. The Universal Chakra is part of the Higher Chakras that exist outside the physical body and in the aura, which is an extension of the energy field outside the physical being.

Charge your spiritual power with our frequencies. This energy centre is the gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds and helps to balance the energy flow of the body. Switch on your universal chakra with our frequencies for a more balanced life and experience greater well-being. Begin your journey to spiritual renewal today!

Where is the universal chakra located?

As the third chakra in the Higher Chakras, this chakra is located between the Spirit Chakra and the Galactic Chakra. This means that it is more than a foot above the crown of the head, although the exact distance varies between individuals. It is more difficult to learn how to activate the Universal Chakra than the other Higher Chakras, which are closer to the Crown Chakra.

Most people cannot see the Universal Chakra and other Higher Chakras with the naked eye. However, those people who are able to access and control their Universal Chakra can tune into the energy in the Higher Chakras in such a way that they can intuit the chakras in other people’s auras, quite a desirable talent if you happen to be a psychic or mystic – or a client of one of these professionals.

What is the universal chakra and why is it important?

It is said that this chakra is the place where the Divine Light first becomes truly in focus and allows one to see all the wonders of the universe with more clarity. The Universal Chakra can connect you to the free flow of energy and unconditional love that flows throughout the universe. It is the first chakra in the Higher Chakras that enables you to tap into extremely powerful psychic forces and use these psychic forces for direct soul healing and changing the destiny of the karmic soul.

This chakra will be of great interest to you if you wish to explore fascinating topics such as reincarnation, past lives on other planets, the purpose of various light beings in the universe, inter-dimensional travel and interstellar travel. The Universal Chakra can be a portal to other space-time continuums, i.e. time travel even beyond what most of us recognise as linear time, and in this case to all sectors and dimensions of the vast universe.

The Divine Merkaba Light and Body Association

The Divine Light first associated with the Universal Chakra is often referred to as the “Divine Merkaba Light Body”. While Divine Light can be made available through the Soul Star Chakra, it is at the level of the Universal Chakra where Divine Light reaches maximum clarity.

The Divine Merkaba Light Body is symbolised as a complex geometric shape consisting of two interlocking tetrahedra (three-sided pyramids). It is sometimes referred to as the “eight-pointed star” or “stella octangula”. The symbol is considered sacred by many. In some teachings, the Universal Chakra is seen as the gateway to the Divine Merkaba Light Body, which causes light body activations in the physical body. These transform specific individual cells, enabling one’s soul to connect with all dimensions of the entire universe.

How do psychics use this chakra?

The Universal Chakra and the other Higher Chakras give the most gifted clairvoyants their powerful powers of prophesying events into the future. The Universal Chakra, when fully activated, also gives some psychics the ability to help their clients interact with their past lives, including those lived in other sectors of the universe. This is advanced stuff and not normally part of normal psychic reading. With practice, the psychic power bestowed by the Universal Chakra can be strengthened into a truly great power.

This MP3 contains the pure tones, binaural beats, plus wind noise. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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