Clean and Activate Crown Chakra


Activate, clean, open, heal the crown chakra on all 3 levels. Complete crown chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.


Activate Crown Chakra – Open Crown Chakra and clean Chakra with Binaural Beats as a new Chakra Meditation

Humans have seven main energy centers that have to be promoted and opened on their path to personal development. The further a chakra is open, the further the corresponding skills are trained. Characteristics such as a balanced sex life, more self-confidence, more energy, increased speech skills, better and clearer thinking, enlightened states, calmness and willpower … all of these things can arise through a balanced opening of the chakras.

Activate Crown Chakra, clean, open, heal the crown chakra on all 3 levels. Complete crown chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.

Clean and Activate Crown Chakra 30 min activate crown chakra – low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency each 10 minutes

7. Chakra, the crown chakra / Sahasrara chakra (Sahasrara = thousandfold, thousandfold)
The crown chakra is outside the gross body, above the head. It is open upwards and connects us to heaven and the divine. It is the center of consciousness of spirituality, enlightenment and the religiousness of man. At this stage, man gives up his identity in order to fulfill the divine plan. Blockages are manifested by immune deficiency and chronic diseases. Depression, confusion or a flight from reality can also indicate blockages in this chakra.

The crown chakra brings the connection to the “big whole”, to the universe and to the soul plan. You “know” that things are true without understanding why. You don’t worry and understand that all experiences make sense no matter how painful they can be at times. You trust your inner guidance.

Activate crown chakra:

Whose crown chakra is open has an understanding and understanding of the world, which is expressed, among other things, in accurate intuitions. The ability to anticipate future events are just as important as the insight into deep life contexts. The increased contact upwards conveys a “lifestyle” that goes far beyond the purely planning instances of the mind or the emotional understanding of the body. Those who can feel so connected to the spiritual world fear nothing more because they really know.

Only a few people are able to attain the highest knowledge and universal consciousness. People who are on the way to it treat their fellow human beings with tolerance. They accept others without changing or wanting to interfere and show great understanding. This level of being will remain hidden from most people.

Short version – indicators of trouble-free crown chakra and activate crown chakra

Spiritual understanding, self-realization, deeper inner peace, and (provided that all other chakras are fully developed and free from disturbances) enlightenment, perfection

Blocked crown chakra:

Blockages in this chakra often manifest themselves in profound disorientation. You live your life, you are also emotionally, materially and intellectually successful, and yet your life lacks meaning, meaning and direction. The mental emptiness goes hand in hand with feelings of fear, uprooting and an inner loneliness, which often creeps in the mid-forties or later, but later becomes even more noticeable. Crises of meaning, the question of why you do it all, are the consequent consequence of this lack, which can be cured if you can connect to your spiritual center.

Short version – indicators of disorders / blockages in the crown chakra:

Arrest in the material world, a feeling of deficiency, emptiness and dissatisfaction, world pain, dullness, mental exhaustion, denial of creative power, immune deficiency, nervous disorders, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, sleep and sleep disorders

Function of the glands associated with the crown chakra:

Research into the pineal gland and its function is still ongoing. The epiphysis, or light gland, picks up the vibrations of light and passes them on to the visual center. The internal clock is regulated via the epiphysis. It presumably controls the heart rhythm and is said to play a role in reproduction, as well as coordinating the entire hormone production.

This MP3 (Activate Crown Chakra) contains the pure tones, binaural beats. Please use headphones.

Duration: 29 min.

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