5 hours healing deep Sleep


5 hours of healing deep sleep! Better fall asleep better and sleep through! Fall into a deep and relaxing and healing sleep with sleep music.


5 hours of healing deep sleep! Better fall asleep better and sleep through! Fall into a deep and relaxing and healing deep sleep with sleep music.

These 5 hours of Binaural Beats frequencies are divided into two parts:

Part 1:

Sometimes there is so much going around in your head before you fall asleep? You often have trouble falling asleep? Your thoughts drive you around and you lie awake for a long time before your mind calms down and your body relaxes? With this frequency you will quickly find a deep and restful sleep and before that you will be led into a meditative state. So you can meditate with this music before going to sleep or simply let yourself be carried to sleep.

This sleep aid is optimal for meditating before sleep if needed (theta-delta meditation) and then induce a restful healing deep sleep with good deep sleep phases.

healing-deep-sleep By listening regularly, you train your body to fall faster and deeper into a state of absolute relaxation. Your body stores this pleasant feeling of rest and relaxation and can more easily enter this state over time.

Quickly fall asleep and sleep through the night…. The beautiful and gentle sleep music that runs in the background, supports the feeling of security, well-being and accompanies you, until sleep.

This MP3 is mainly intended to help you fall asleep faster and to help people with problems falling asleep. It supports you to sleep through and overcome sleep disorders. You will wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning and start your day energized.

Part 2:

Starting at the 61st minute, you will stay in the deep delta state for the next 4 hours. This will ensure a restful, deep, healthy and most importantly, continuous sleep.

Used: Solfeggio frequencies – with Binaural Beats & 432 Hz Solfeggio healing frequencies for healing deep sleep

The 432 Hz Solfeggio frequencies help you feel a sense of great calming. You feel safe, secure, completely detached and automatically fall into a wonderful, deep and restful sleep. This frequency frees you from stress and at the same time has a very relaxing effect. It promotes a calming, meditative state that harmonizes body and mind. In addition, it has a healing influence on the body, it synchronizes the brain hemispheres, the cells and DNA are stimulated and harmonized.

With Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 432 Hz… for healing deep sleep

The next frequency is the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency. With the 528 Hertz, the listener can increase their intuition and inspiration while being empowered with strength and peace. It brings about deep healing and promotes the repair of your DNA. It also supports you in profound transformative processes and has a positive and stimulating effect on the heart chakra.

To harmonize relationships and promote health, the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequencies serve. They also promote one’s own inner balance and calm and a healing deep sleep

Applied frequencies:

  • From 14 Hz to 5 Hz for 10 minutes
  • Up to 7Hz for 5 minutes
  • Down to 4.5 Hz for 10 minutes for meditation
  • Up to 8 Hz for 10 minutes for conditioning
  • Down to 1.5 Hz for super deep sleep
  • 432 Hz Solfeggio
  • 528 Hz Solfeggio
  • 639 Hz Solfeggio
  • with soft music to fall asleep at the beginning

Duration: 300 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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