2h Power Nap – Energizing


The 2-hour ultra-refreshing nap or as a pleasant power nap in the afternoon or evening!


The 2-hour ultra-refreshing Power Nap or as a pleasant power nap in the afternoon or evening!

2-hours-snap-relaxing-and-refreshing A refreshing and energising power nap has a very positive effect on your well-being. It helps you to regenerate mentally and physically. An afternoon nap supports you in finding solutions to problems and helps you to let go of old patterns.

The beautiful and gentle music that plays in the background supports the feeling of security and well-being and accompanies you into sleep for 30 minutes.

The ingenious music for falling asleep with music against insomnia, but of course also as music for falling asleep against insomnia is the best medicine for a restful sleep.

If you perform at least one sleep cycle before the actual night’s sleep, you increase the chance of more pleasant and beautiful dreams. This frequency works even better after you have already eaten something, so that you can then fall asleep even better.

You will be picked up in the beta range at about 14 Hz, as your brain waves are approximately in this range in everyday life. You are gradually brought down to 5 Hz within the first 10 minutes. Then you enter a deep delta range within the next 20 minutes. A sleep cycle usually ends after about 90 minutes. Accordingly, after this time you are slowly led out of sleep. Your brainwaves are raised to a relaxed, middle theta range. Afterwards, it goes back to 14 Hz so that you can go about your day refreshed and refreshed and tackle all the tasks at hand in an effective and relaxed manner.

Pleasant sleep music for better sleep and against sleep problems with Power Nap

The binaural beats are also accompanied by special frequencies and solfeggios that support you in various processes.

Each of the four underlying frequencies is uplifting and lasts half an hour. Starting with a frequency of 136.1 Hz. It helps you to get into a relaxed state of joy. This frequency has a very calming, balancing and harmonising effect on body, mind and soul. It is also called the “frequency of the soul” and corresponds to the “OM” sound.

After 30 minutes the frequency changes to 196 Hz. The 196 Hz underneath support you in experiencing a feeling of great calming. You feel safe, secure, completely detached and automatically fall into a wonderful, deep and restful sleep.

Then the frequency changes to 432 Hz Solfeggio. This frequency frees you from stress and at the same time has a very relaxing effect. It promotes a calming, meditative state that harmonises body and mind. It also has a healing influence on the body, synchronises the hemispheres of the brain, the cells and your DNA is stimulated and harmonised.

The last solfeggio frequency is the 528 Hz frequency. With the 528 Hertz, the listener can increase their intuition and inspiration and at the same time be endowed with power and peace. It brings about deep healing and promotes the repair of your DNA. It also supports you in deep transformative processes and has a positive and stimulating effect on the heart chakra.

Of course, this frequency can also be used for deep theta-delta meditation and a Power Nap

The frequency accompanies you step by step from the 14 Hz beta state into the 5 Hz theta state. You will experience a very deep relaxation. With these binaural beats you will be guided into deep meditative states. It also helps your body and mind to regenerate and gather energy.

Benefits of a theta delta wave meditation:

  • Rejuvenating and regenerating effects
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Overview of connections; harmony and balance
  • Feeling of connectedness with everything
  • Increase of perception
  • Whole body regeneration and vitality
  • DNA stimulation
  • Healing frequencies with 136.1 Hz, 196 Hz, 432 Hz and 528 Hz

Applied frequencies:

  • Beta frequency with approx. 14 Hz
  • Gradually down to 5 Hz and then to 2 Hz
  • After 90 minutes it goes to 6 Hz and then goes back to 14 Hz
  • 136.1 Hz, 196 Hz, 432 Hz, 528 Hz
  • With gentle initial music to fall asleep

Duration: 120 min.
Format: Mp3, 320 kbps

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