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Tanja dreams - The two worlds


"Tanja dreams - The two worlds" is an exciting adventure novel by Jonathan Dilas - an adventure novel about lucid dreaming for young and old.

You will get to know Tanja and her adventures in lucid dreaming, which she learns in the outbag of Australia. She finds ways via lucid dreaming to Egypt and Mars in one of her past incarnations and discovers more and more her true past.

Tanja Teller, the 13-year-old daughter of Isabel and Ronald Teller, moves to the wasteland of Australia. The way to school is much too far and Tanja therefore takes part in daily correspondence courses by radio. In the process, she gets to know the boys Sam, Steve and Pete.

At night, on the other hand, the land of dreams suddenly opens up to Tanja and she keeps a secret diary with drawings and reports of experiences from this strange and adventurous world. Later she discovers that she can also bring the boys from the correspondence course into her dreams. Together they discover an incredible mystery and Tanja begins to remember a life as an Egyptian.

In her dreams, Tanja keeps landing on a hill on which a mysterious column with Egyptian hieroglyphics stands. It seems that the column has been there for a very long time. She tries to decipher these characters in vain, but succeeds only with the help of the clever head and school friend Steve.

The characters mention the splitting of a world into two parts and the name Tanja, to their great surprise, also appears in these ancient characters. They learn that there are three of these pillars and that the last one opens a gate to another world.

Tanja's secret seems to be in danger when a visit from London threatens from a long-time friend of her parents named Robert. An old man who can't even eat breakfast without his hands shaking. But his apparent frailty turns out to be a trick, because she soon learns that Robert is also a good dreamer and has no trouble entering her dream world.

Tanja is very skeptical of Robert because he seems to be a good actor, but after he makes sure she gets her own radio, the ice breaks between them. Robert turns out to be a mysterious helper who has come to Australia specifically for her dream world. He trains Tanja to move safely in the dream world.

In their research it turns out in which Robert has been searching for decades for a golden ankh, this the key to access another alien world allows. 

Tanja dreams ebook Jonathan Dilas

With Tanja's help, he realizes that this key is not in the everyday world at all, as he had assumed for a long time, but in the very one Tanja has discovered. They quickly discover that both worlds once belonged together. 

They decide to find the key together and reunite the worlds, but a guardian from ancient Egypt gets in their way and makes the reunion difficult.

In Tanja's dreams, however, she and her friends face an invincible opponent: Ptah Soteph! A great Egyptian being who commands an entire army and hunts Tanja after he notices her. He is the guardian of this world and does not want foreign visitors.

In the battle with Ptah Soteph, Tanja begins to remember her past lives on Mars and in Egypt. She sees herself in ever new roles in other incarnations. Will this help her to survive in the fight against the guardian?

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