Ultimate Matrix Package - 3 Online Seminars

Das ultimative Matrix Paket

Bestehend aus 3 Kursen, bekommst Du hier alles grundlegende, was Du über Die Matrix, die Facetten der Matrix, den Deep State und was hinte den Kulissen der Matrix abläuft, wissen musst.

Included are:

– Einsteigerkurs – Die Matrix (8,5 Stunden)
– Raus aus der Matrix (22 Stunden)
– Hinter den Kulissen der Matrix (777 Minuten)

Du bekommst also etwas 44 Stunden geballtes Matrix wissen, von den Matrixxern

Einsteigerkurs – Die Matrix (8,5 Stunden im Wert von 119 Euro)
We, the Matrixxers, have exclusively created a free beginner's course for newcomers: "The Matrix" This course contains our most important information about the knowledge we have gained with the help of hypnagogic states, the activation of the pineal gland, astral travel and lucid dreams, as well as with the master technique "The Spiritual Dissociation" and we are ready to send this free seminar to all interested people.

Raus aus der Matrix (31 Stunden Gesamtmaterial)
The online seminar "Out of the Matrix" with the topics about light trap, the matrix, structure of the matrix, the 7 levels, earth matrix and the multidimensional matrix, light and blackness, exit from the matrix, what is beyond the matrix, the image press, the oblivion machine, the reincarnation cycle and much more.

Hinter den Kulissen der Matrix (777 Minuten)
The cumulative knowledge of the Matrixxers, what really goes on behind the scenes of the Matrix. Found out through hypnagogic states, astral travel, lucid dreams (lucid dreams) and spiritual dissociation as well as extensive research: The mainstream perspective corrected by us from the view of the digital matrix (5D) versus our perspective.

Starseeds and how to identify them and how they incarnate on Earth, Cryocapsules, Extras, Hosts and Sharers and how to recognize them, the Primordial Source, Aliens, the difference between the 3D Matrix and 5D (digital free matrix), Artificial Intelligence on 3D and in the free matrix (5D), about Guardians of the Matrix, the Loopers, Agents in Dreams, AI Spider Beings, the Matrix Shell, about the Hypnosis Machine of the Matrix, Prison Planet Earth, Lusch as the Energy of the Creator Gods, Spiritual Dissociation, how to learn it, also about the Secret Space Program and as a special bonus a look behind the scenes of the intentions of the current world crisis.

This Spiritual Course on Starseeds German consists of 6+1 main videos and many additional videos, much shorter versions of which are already published on Youtube, but this seminar is the full version with much longer videos and more information on all these topics.

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