Package for dissociation and pineal gland

Exclusive package for dissociation and pineal gland

With this package you will definitely expand your consciousness. Included in this package are three courses that will help you activate your pineal gland and reach the dissociative state to gain incredible insights, aha experiences and breathtaking experiences. Your consciousness will travel to unimagined heights and dive into the depths of your mind.

Included are the following 3 courses:

Activate your pineal gland
The Lovecraft workshop "Activate your pineal gland" with the topics: The Third Eye as a Stargate, accessing the wormhole universe, DMT, the secret of the machine elves, new and improved techniques, decalcifying the pineal gland, dealing with supplements and other tricks, spiritual nutrition, and much more. Be there!

Spiritual dissociation
Online seminar for self-knowledge, lucid dreaming and astral travel through the power of spiritual dissociation. Spiritual Dissociation is the most powerful technique as a master technique for the soul. This online seminar is about the theory, technique and practice of Spiritual Dissociation.

Practice Course for Consciousness Expansion
The Consciousness Expansion Practice Course was created to learn meditation, contains techniques for activating the pineal gland and is for achieving dissociative states, gaining insight and spiritual experiences, calming the mind and integrating the ego.

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