Astral Travel Package - Monroe & Carrol

Astral travel package with two online seminars

Included in this package are our two courses, "Astral Journeys 1 - Monroe" and "Carrol - Part 2", at a discounted price so you can quickly and effectively have your first out-of-body experience.

We have packed our years of experience with out-of-body experiences and our concentrated knowledge about out-of-body experiences and our concentrated knowledge about the astral planes, astral beings and much more into this online seminar so that you can effectively benefit from it and experience your first out-of-body experience quickly and without fears.

Of course, not only the two online seminars are included here, but also additional frequencies from our store, so that you can practice even more specifically and experience an out-of-body journey.

Course content:

Online Course Astral Travel 1 - Monroe

Online Course Astral Travel 2 - Carrol

You get the package at our discounted price of only 189€ instead of 238€.

We wish you many insights and success with the exercises.

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