ALL IN ONE Package (Premium)

Unlimited access to all courses and the academy

For those of you who want to look deep down the rabbit hole of the Matrix and its facets, we have put together this exclusive and ultimate mind-expanding package.

This ultimate premium package includes ALL of our past online courses for you, as well as the Matrixxer Online Campus on our site. You have lifetime access to all online content, as well as ALL online courses.

Contents of the All Inclusive Package (value 1509 euros):

- Matrixxer Online Campus
- 7 Matrixxer online courses
- free participation in our Matrixxer Zoom Live Meetings

Our 7 complete online courses:

- Out of the matrix
- Activate your pineal gland
- Astral Travel 1 - Monroe
- Astral Travel 2 - Carol
- The spiritual & constructive dissociation
- Behind the scenes of the Matrix
- Practical Course - Expansion of Consciousness
Included online content:

The package includes:

Matrixxer Online Campus

- Basic course for gaining spiritual abilities
- Interviews with and from the Matrixxers
- Global Awakening Online Congress
- Premium Techniques: The Spiritual Eye, Inner Silence & Ego
- Frequencies for e.g. astral travel, lucid dreams, dissociation
- Famous DMT breathing technique
- Question and answer videos (various topics)
- ALL previous Zoom recordings as podcast
- Lessons for Healing, Health, Energy & Consciousness Expansion
- Exciting articles including AHA effect
- Exciting exercises
- Matrixxer bonus material
- Techniques & instructions for astral travel, lucid dreaming, activation of the pineal gland.

Activate your pineal gland
The Lovecraft workshop "Activate your pineal gland" with the topics: The Third Eye as a Stargate, accessing the wormhole universe, DMT, the secret of the machine elves, new and improved techniques, decalcifying the pineal gland, dealing with supplements and other tricks, spiritual nutrition, and much more. Be there!

Spiritual dissociation
Online seminar for self-knowledge, lucid dreaming and astral travel through the power of spiritual dissociation. Spiritual Dissociation is the most powerful technique as a master technique for the soul. This online seminar is about the theory, technique and practice of Spiritual Dissociation.

Astral Travel 1 - Monroe
Spiritual online seminar "Astral Travel Monroe" to master astral travel learning. 7.5 hours is this online seminar for astral travel and how you too can have an out of body experience.

Astral Travel 2 - Carrol
The Matrixxers give this online seminar "Astral Travel 2 - Carrol" so that every participant can see the bigger picture and also the necessity of why it is so important to deal with and also learn the ability to detach from the physical body (see out-of-body experience). Also integrated is a small Akashic Chronicle seminar, a super opportunity for spiritual training and being able to find your spirit guide, as well as training in the art of clairaudience.

Practice Course for Consciousness Expansion
The Consciousness Expansion Practice Course was created to learn meditation, contains techniques for activating the pineal gland and is for achieving dissociative states, gaining insight and spiritual experiences, calming the mind and integrating the ego.

Get out of the Matrix - NEW Version 31h
The online seminar "Out of the Matrix" with the topics about light trap, the matrix, structure of the matrix, the 7 levels, earth matrix and the multidimensional matrix, light and blackness, exit from the matrix, what is beyond the matrix, the image press, the oblivion machine, the reincarnation cycle and much more.

Behind the scenes of the Matrix
The cumulative knowledge of the Matrixxers, what really goes on behind the scenes of the Matrix. Found out through hypnagogic states, astral travel, lucid dreams (lucid dreams) and spiritual dissociation as well as extensive research: The mainstream perspective corrected by us from the view of the digital matrix (5D) versus our perspective.

Starseeds and how to identify them and how they incarnate on Earth, Cryocapsules, Extras, Hosts and Sharers and how to recognize them, the Primordial Source, Aliens, the difference between the 3D Matrix and 5D (digital free matrix), Artificial Intelligence on 3D and in the free matrix (5D), about Guardians of the Matrix, the Loopers, Agents in Dreams, AI Spider Beings, the Matrix Shell, about the Hypnosis Machine of the Matrix, Prison Planet Earth, Lusch as the Energy of the Creator Gods, Spiritual Dissociation, how to learn it, also about the Secret Space Program and as a special bonus a look behind the scenes of the intentions of the current world crisis.

This Spiritual Course on Starseeds German consists of 6+1 main videos and many additional videos, much shorter versions of which are already published on Youtube, but this seminar is the full version with much longer videos and more information on all these topics.

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