The Deep State and Agendas

This seminar "The Deep State" with a whole 5.5 hours duration is about topics that are considered truths in our world, but in reality are propaganda, which we have extensively researched and the knowledge partly also tested with our skills.

"The Deep State and the Deep Deep State - What's Going On Earth?"

Attention: This online seminar is also part of the seminar "Behind the Scenes of the Matrix". Those who have already booked the latter do not need this course anymore!

  • Duration: 5.5 hours / approx. 330 minutes
  • Speaker: Shiva and Jonathan - the Matrixxers

Module 1:

The DeepState and the Deep Deep State

  • Timelines and which ones are most likely
  • How can you recognize the DeepState?
  • The so-called "Deep State" and about the Alien Agenda on Earth.
  • Which of the alien races play which game
Deepstate Deep State

Module 2

Agendas of the DeepState and the Deep Deep State

  • Does the sun really cause cancer?
  • Is the sun a portal and different from what we are told?
  • Much about spiritual and political agendas
  • Is most of the information from school and unis a lie?
  • The DeepState's favorite agendas (feminism, gender delusion, karma, veganism, anti-smoking campaigns, vaccination campaigns, Black Lives matter, designer babies, nutrition, and many more.
  • Where is our technology really?
  • Some about electricity car agenda
  • The "new" Bluebeam technology and about green screen machines

Module 3

The DeepState Disinformation - The State within the State

  • Do nuclear power plants really supply electricity?
  • Are the statements about radioactivity true?
  • Do we already have Free Energy and since when does it exist?
  • How big is our earth really?
  • Flat earth, round earth, Turus earth? What is true and what is not?
  • What does the Hollow Earth really look like?
  • More about the psy-ops of the DeepState, the intelligence agencies and the Vatican.
  • The moon and the 1969 moon landing
  • Will there be an alien invasion? What is a Fake Alien Invasion?
  • About war and peace

Module 4

Actions of the DeepState and Deep Deep State

  • Created clones in politics and the military for decades?
  • About the existence of extra cities
  • Are there really 8 billion people on earth?
  • All about the Deep State's population reduction agenda.
  • What's going on in Antarctica and the Arctic? Where did the 6th continent go?
  • How to cleverly manipulate with words and recognize tips in them
  • About MED beds and the possible fast healing
  • About the pharmaceutical industry and drugs
  • What is the point of vaccinations?
  • Do viruses really exist?
  • About Gaia - Nature, loves her created creatures and is their mother
  • How was the DNA of the human body originally programmed and how was it reprogrammed by the reptiloids?
  • At the creation of the matrix no diseases had been planned
  • How the Deep State Hacked the Matrix After the Fact

Module 5

The DeepState Live and nutrition

  • All about the calorie, fat and cholesterol lie
  • Artificial meat, insect food and other modern foods
  • Why should the human body live only 80 years?
  • About salts, water, fluoride and the pineal gland
  • About smoking, alcohol, coffee, water and food supplements.
  • What is the repto diet?
  • Special topic: The 2 modes that the body can drive. Mode 2 promises fast healing.

Module 6

The horror scenarios of the DeepState

  • EMP pulses, EMP rockets and solar storms
  • 5G, 6G and its possibilities
  • Is a pole jump coming for mankind?
  • Is a zombie apocalypse possible? What does it look like?
  • Will asteroids hit the earth soon?
  • What's the deal with Nibiru and Planet-X?
  • What is the cause of climate catastrophe and climate change?
  • Blackout and how to stage it
  • Is nuclear war really coming?
  • Is it possible for the A.I. to take over Earth?
  • Will there be a bioweapons attack on humanity?
  • What's with the fake alien invasion?
  • Are civil wars coming in many countries?
  • Is CERN actually opening portals to bring in demons?
  • What is SEERS and what is the Marburg Virus?
  • Will there be a new pandemic with billions dead?
  • When will the apocalypse come when it comes?

Module 7

Prophecy of Matrixxers for 2024 and how to prepare

  • What is a "prepper" and how do you prepare?
  • Equipment and items
  • Other measures

Zoom Meeting Included

This course includes a 2 hour Zoom meeting about every 2-3 months, for questions around the topics of the course. It is a coaching to the course.

Intro to the online course
Mini themes
Spaltung & Trennung
Erde, Mond & Aliens
Gesundheit & Krankheit
Prophezeihung & Prepper
Additional material for nutrition
Additional material as a prepper
Course updates
Zoom Meeting
First, the Apocalypse lesson must be completed in order to view the Prophecy and Prepper lesson. The Apocalypse lesson is a prerequisite for the following lesson.
To do this, first go to the course overview and select the tab "Curricula". There you can select the lesson you want to watch again. Alternatively, you can click on "Continue" under the course image and you will be taken back to the course. Another alternative is to click on "Enrolled Courses" in your profile and then on the course picture or the course title.

Matrixxer Zoom Meeting access for participants!

You have questions about spiritual topics, the current world situation or about the online course? 

In the Live Zoom Meeting with the Matrixxers you can ask your questions. Censorship free. 

ALL Zoom meetings are included for all course participants.
  • When: approx. every 2-3 months
  • What time: from 7 pm (about 2-3 hours)

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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