Spiritual & Constructive Dissociation

Online seminar for self-knowledge, lucid dreaming and astral travel through the power of spiritual dissociation. Spiritual Dissociation is the most powerful technique as a master technique for the soul. This online seminar is about the theory, technique and practice of Spiritual Dissociation.

The online seminar "Spiritual Dissociation" - Seminar for learning the "Master Technique" for Spiritual Advancement.

The "Matrixxer" have exclusively put together this new online seminar, that is, the master technique or the secret superhero power of each person to teach the art of dissociation. This online seminar is about the theory, technique and practice of Spiritual Dissociation.

Self-knowledge, enlightenment, lucid dreaming and astral travel through spiritual dissociation

Dissociation is the most powerful technique for the soul. It reveals the meaning of life to many people, lets them learn lucid dreaming and astral travel, see through the matrix and gives a glimpse behind the scenes of this world as well as into the afterlife and past lives. Consciousness begins to perceive parallel worlds and with spiritual dissociation one gains access to the subconscious and the multiverse. Journeys of consciousness are possible as well as self-knowledge, enlightenment and the perception of parallel universes, alien worlds and alternative realities.

Superheroes have come to their superpower in the strangest of ways. Often they were initially shocked, irritated and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. A superpower is not so easy to control because it doesn't come with a manual. This online seminar is the chance to learn dissociation.

Spiritual Dissociation Online Course

Spiritual dissociation as an alternative to meditation

Dissociation is the unrecognized super ability of man, which for a beginner confronted with it seems like a threat and danger, which must be quickly eliminated. But those who have the self-discipline to see through this "friend" with a bad reputation will receive the key to all closed doors and portals.

Possibilities with dissociation would be as follows:

In the spiritual sense, dissociation can be used in many ways, as the practical application offers countless possibilities. It is not so easy to learn, but it can move mountains! Abilities such as astral travel, clairvoyance, otherworldly contacts, lucid dreaming and even enlightenment states are possible. While most people meditate for years or join various groups to achieve their spiritual goal or complete spiritual awakening, with Spiritual Dissociation you can do it in weeks or months. Thus, a pure dissociation time of only 3 minutes can trigger an instant astral travel or lucid dream (lucid dream). But even more is possible! The application of the Spiritual Dissociation matrix envelope, teleportation and the recognition of one's true self plus one's true memories. and much more.

Activate pineal gland and open third eye through Spiritual Dissociation

The pineal gland (the third eye) opens more and more, lets you see through the facade of everyday reality and allows you to look behind the scenes of the matrix. Manipulations of all kinds are seen through much faster. One can gain tremendous insight about oneself and others by gathering psychic energy through the practice of Spiritual Dissociation, which can then be used for any possible goal. Memories of previous incarnations can shoot into consciousness, and much more. In everyday life, wealth, prestige, love and partnership can be achieved much more easily, as the psychic energies gathered through dissociation extremely align the focus and virtually attract the desired goals. Dissociation is much more effective and faster than positive thinking or belief programming, because it moves you from one reality directly to another.

Possible are: Telepathy, telekinesis and...

  • Reintegration of repressed and split-off personality parts
  • Exploration of one's own subconscious
  • States of enlightenment and self-knowledge of all kinds
  • Lucid dreaming and astral travel
  • Spirit travel and soul travel (hypnagogic states)
  • Inner silence and stillness of thought
  • Dreaming and astral travel through dissociation
  • Activate pineal gland and third eye
  • Contact with the higher self or spirit guide
  • (Spontaneous) healing/self-healing of the physical body
  • Exploration of own personality aspects and their configuration
  • Exploration of alternative realities
  • Activation of the pineal gland (3rd eye)
  • Exploration of other incarnations
  • Achieving higher states of consciousness
  • Development of paranormal abilities (clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)
  • Conscious change into the astral body, into alternative realities or the past
  • Teleportation, Immortality, Shapeshifting, Physical Regeneration
  • Time dilations and time distortions

Topics of the "Spiritual Dissociation" Course

  • Edmund Husserl and reductive perception
  • Dissociation in psychology
  • The dissociation in the spiritual scene
  • Constructive application of constructive dissociation
  • Spiritual Application of Spiritual Dissociation
  • Difference between constructive and spiritual dissociation
  • The subconscious and dissociation
  • Technique 1: The foot massage
  • Technique 2: The dandelion
  • Material application of dissociation - money, love, health, and profession.
  • Create a more comfortable world with dissociation
  • Spiritual application - memory of other incarnations, access to alternative realities, switching into the astral body, direct change into lucid dreams, activation of the pineal gland, teleportation and shape-shifting, renewal of the body, leaving the matrix and much more.
  • Advantages of dissociation
  • Initial effects and symptoms of dissociation
  • Distractions caused by the matrix during dissociation
  • Perceptions in dissociation (extras, scenery, the matrix shell)
  • Own experiences with the dissociation of Shiva and Jonathan
  • Precisely explained: The dissociation - level 1 to level 5
  • Altered and expanded states of consciousness such as "The Panoramic View," the "Aspect Level," the "Observer," the "Knowledge Level," shifts in perception, speeds of consciousness, the True Self, the Supraself, acute changes of location, time travel, cloaked and decloaked perception, perception of the matrix envelope, immortality, paranormal abilities, physical regeneration, and the like.
  • Technique 3: The gong
  • Technique 4: Self-observation
  • Technique 5: The blink exercise
  • Technique 6: The STOP exercise
  • Technique 7: Stopping the imagination
  • Preventive camouflage of the mind
  • Aids for dissociation such as ketamine, nitrous oxide, ibogaine, LSD, and others.
  • William James, the two-faced philosopher and his N2O experiments
  • Breaks in consciousness in everyday life
  • Final statements
  • Additional material of MP3s, dissociation sessions, meditation music (binaural beats)

Zoom Meeting Included

This course includes a 2 hour Zoom meeting about every 2-3 months, for questions around the topics of the course. It is a coaching to the course.

Module 1


Module 2

The constructive application
The material application
The spiritual application

Module 3

Exercise: The foot massage
Advantages, tips, tricks and own experience

Module 4

Dissociation level 1
Exercise: The dandelion
Dissociation level 2
Exercise: The Gong Technique
Dissociation level 3
Exercise: The introspection
Dissociation level 4
Exercise: The Blink Technique
Dissociation level 5
Exercise: The stop technique
Addition: 8 steps of dissociation

You can't find much about spiritual dissociation on the internet, except in psychology, which wants to consider dissociation as a personality disorder. 

The goal of spiritual dissociation is to reach the so-called "observer" within oneself. He is the one who sees the world as it really is and not as it has been drummed into us from childhood with the help of countless associations. The observer is beyond all prejudices and expectations. From the observer one can answer one's personal questions and also read the people who are present as if they were a glass book. One can see to the bottom of their mind and recognize any problem and any intention. 

When dissociating, it is important that in the beginning you manage not to think a single word for a minute at a stretch and not to use imagination. As soon as you try to dissociate and suddenly think something, you have to start all over again. 

The goal of spiritual dissociation is to feel a specific emotion that can activate and initiate dissociation directly and within seconds. For beginners, this is difficult to achieve at first and only builds up over time.

The first steps of Spiritual Dissociation:

  1. Slight slowing of perception, slightly trance-like
  2. You take a small step back and distance yourself from reality
  3. Perception becomes clearer & there is light pressure in the back of the head
  4. Then a slight inner vibration appears, body, possibly, legs, can vibrate slightly
  5. You get the feeling that you can't think anymore, even if you wanted to now. The ability to think somehow gradually freezes.
  6. A slight sense of threat emerges, a vague unknowable threat. 
  7. Inner restlessness appears (due to the increase in energy)
  8. Small moments of shock can occur, a sudden insight or realization, a sudden perception or a completely different interpretation of a certain situation. 

Camouflages of the mind during dissociation:

  • Get tired
  • Get distracted quickly
  • Suddenly you catch yourself thinking about something else
  • You suddenly forget that you just wanted to dissociate
  • Suddenly all sorts of distractions happen in the environment as well: phone rings, cats jump on the table, dogs bark, kids come rushing in, and other little distractions. 
  • One tends to postpone the training of the disso to a later time
  • Feeling threatened, like something bad is about to happen
  • You suddenly become paranoid


  • Say STOP at every thought. Do not finish a sentence.
  • When you find yourself thinking about something that seems important, say to yourself that you will think about it in 10 minutes but not now.
  • You imagine 100 small dots in front of your eyes and jump randomly from one dot to another, about 3-5 dots/sec, as if you were looking for something.
  • Dissociation can be practiced anywhere

Module 5

Preventive camouflage of the mind
Exercise: Imagination-Holding Technique
Dissociation tools

Module 6

Breaks in consciousness
Farewell to the online course

Additional material

Zoom Meeting
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